Emily Anderson

Who are you?

I’m Emily Anderson. I grew up in Cedar Rapids. My husband Dan and I met in law school. We have three children.

Who do you represent?

I work for people who have been injured. Most of my practice is devoted to helping people who have been hurt at work.

What led you to do this work?

I’ve always been tall, so everyone assumed I’d play basketball. Pretty early into middle school, it became apparent I wasn’t going to be a star athlete—not even an okay one. So my parents looked for another after-school activity to keep me busy. They found “mock trial”—a competitive activity where students act as attorneys and witness, and “perform” a civil or criminal trial.

RSH Legal attorney Tim Semelroth was one of my first coaches. As a result of mock trial, advocacy quickly became a passion of mine at a very young age.

My history with RSH Legal goes all the way back to my junior year in high school, when I was hired as the file room clerk. I worked for RSH Legal all through college. I had the opportunity to attend trials, hear our clients’ stories, and see how we helped people.

I knew that if I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity, I wanted to represent people, not corporations. I’m grateful that RSH has given me that opportunity.

What motivates you to do what you do?

When someone loses their livelihood due to a work injury, even temporarily, it has a huge impact on their life. Despite this, every day I hear stories from injured Iowans who are getting the runaround by insurance corporations after a work injury. Their medical care isn’t authorized. Their weekly check is late. They are being offered a low-ball settlement for a serious injury.

These things keep happening to injured worker after injured worker and it isn’t right. That’s why I am committed to keep fighting for fair treatment of injured workers.

If you weren’t an attorney, what would you be doing?

I would probably be a high school English teacher—it was my favorite subject in high school and I went on to major in English in college. I coach high school mock trial, which is my outlet to interact with high school students, so I have the best of both worlds!

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