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Semelroth and Long Attend ISBA Annual Meeting

Last week, RSH Legal attorneys Tim Semelroth and Ben Long attended the Iowa State Bar Association (ISBA)’s Annual Meeting, where they represented the firm in a variety of ways. Semelroth spoke twice as part of the annual meeting’s Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars.  On Monday, June 13, he presented to the Family Law Section about …

Semelroth Retires from Iowa Legal Aid Board of Directors

After 9 years, RSH Legal attorney Tim Semelroth retired from his position on the Iowa Legal Aid Board of Directors this month.  Iowa Legal Aid is a non-profit organization that assists vulnerable Iowans with legal issues.  They also provide high-quality representation when these individuals cannot afford legal counsel.  Low-income citizens, the elderly, and persons who …


Unfair Tactics Insurance Corporations Use to Exploit Injured Bikers

UNFAIR TACTIC: The Other Driver’s Insurance Threatens “My Company Won’t Pay for That Kind Of Treatment” Sometimes the other driver’s insurance will find out about the type of accident-related medical treatment that an injured biker is receiving and threaten that it will not pay for that type of treatment. This threat is often given about …


Common Problems in Iowa Nursing Homes

Problem No. 1: Poor Recordkeeping Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are governed by regulations designed to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents. Following these regulations requires careful attention to detail. This attention to detail is important because a typical nursing home is filled with residents who require special care and individual attention. …


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