Case Results

John Riccolo's Case Results

$4,000,000 – Settlement for Wrongful Death Caused By Failure to Diagnose and Treat Spinal Meningitis

31-year-old wife and mother dies after multiple doctors fail to diagnose spinal meningitis despite significant symptoms and 3 trips to hospital. Our Personal Injury Attorneys challenged the medical facility and doctors for a wrongful death case that gave her family some financial security.

$1,250,000 – Settlement for Wrongful Death Caused By Negligent Prescription of Drugs

37-year-old wife and mother dies after accidental overdose of prescription medication wrongfully prescribed by doctor

$1,589,351 – Verdict for Brain Damage Caused by Construction Site Accident

26-year-old construction worker is struck in head with chain from crane; blow results in brain damage resulting in disability and need for lifetime of medication.

$1,149,238 – Settlement for Death of Worker Due to Chemical Exposure in Workplace

49-year-old railroad car worker is killed after entering a tank car filled with nitrogen; owner of car had failed to properly inspect or mark tank car before sending it in for repairs

$600,000 – Settlement for Disability Due to Crushing Injuries from Trench Collapse

35-year-old plumber suffers multiple fractures after being crushed from waist down in trench collapse; those in control of construction site had not informed plumber he was working in abandoned septic field

$1,250,000 – Verdict for Injury Resulting from Negligent Response to Shoulder Dystocia

Newborn suffers permanent loss of use of hand and arm after doctor fails to properly respond to shoulder dystocia during birth

$1,200,000 — Settlement for Paralyzing Spinal Injury Caused by Negligent Review of X-Ray Films

45-year-old husband and father is paralyzed after a radiologist fails to identify a spinal fracture on an X-ray film and orders nurse to move the patient — severing his spinal cord

$1,100,000 – Settlement for Birth Injury Caused By Negligent Management of Delivery

Newborn suffers severe brain damage as a result of medical personnel failing to properly monitor and treat complications during birth

$1,000,000 – Settlement for Amputation Caused by Negligent Prescription of Antibiotics

17-year-old loses his leg after doctor negligently prescribes the wrong antibiotic to treat an infection

$1,000,000 – Settlement for Brain Damage Caused by Negligent Medical Monitoring

75-year-old retired nurse and grandmother is admitted into hospital for mild high blood pressure; doctor fails to monitor her sodium level and she suffers permanent brain damage (settlement during trial after we presented our case)

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