Case Results

Auto Injuries Case Results

$275,000 – Head-On Auto Accident in Wapello County, Iowa

Head-on auto accident case where a woman had broken an ankle. Woman was accused of driving on the wrong side of the road.

$4,000,000 – Settlement for Paralysis Following Sledding Crash – Personal Injury

37-year-old male suffered broken back and paralysis after falling on his sled into a rock-lined ditch placed at the bottom of a sledding hill. Others had been injured in the same ditch prior to client’s paralysis. He received a pay out from the personal injury case.

$2,000,000 – Settlement for Worker Struck by Driver in Construction Zone

29-year-old streets worker is struck by an inattentive driver in a construction zone; worker suffers severe brain injury and multiple broken bones which combine to cause permanent disability.

$1,200,000 – Settlement for Pedestrian Struck by Driver with Eye Condition

19-year-old surveyor is struck by an elderly driver with an eye condition; surveyor suffers multiple broken bones and permanent disability.

$725,000 – Settlement with Farmer and Tractor Owner for Causing Collision at Field Entrance

67-year-old passenger suffers severe leg fracture and resulting disability after her car rearends a farm tractor and implement that illegally pulls out in front of it.

$498,822 – Verdict Against Insurance Corporation for Underinsured Motorist Benefits

54-year-old bicyclist suffers a traumatic brain injury when a driver with minimal insurance hits him on a country road. Victim’s own insurance refuses to pay underinsurance motorist benefits. After a trial, the court orders the insurance corporation to pay the limits of the victim’s policy.

$465,000 – Verdict Against Insurance Corporation for Uninsured Motorist Benefits

67-year-old is killed in a car accident with an uninsured driver. Victim’s own insurance refuses to pay uninsured motorist benefits. After a trial, jury reaches verdict of $465,000 for victim’s estate and his two adult children. Court orders insurance corporation to pay limits of victim’s policy.

$415,000 – Settlement with Vehicle Owner for Loaning Vehicle to Unfit Driver

82-year-old suffers collapsed lung, fractured ribs and permanent injury to the bladder after his car is hit by a car driven by a disoriented elderly woman with poor driving history.

$300,000 – Verdict for Back Injury Caused by Rear-End Collision

22-year-old male auto-repair clerk suffered upper back myofascial injury requiring repeated injections to manage pain after being rear-ended on a four-lane divided city street.

$300,000 – Verdict for Death of Motorcyclist Caused by Car Driver’s Failure to Yield

43-year-old riding a motorcycle is killed after a car driver fails to yield after stopping at a stop sign and causes a collision; jury finds car driver to be 60% at fault for the collision.

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