Case Results

Motorcycle Accidents Case Results

$4,000,000 – Settlement for Paralysis Following Sledding Crash – Personal Injury

37-year-old male suffered broken back and paralysis after falling on his sled into a rock-lined ditch placed at the bottom of a sledding hill. Others had been injured in the same ditch prior to client’s paralysis. He received a pay out from the personal injury case.

$1,020,000 – Motorcyclist’s Wrongful Death Settlement with Trucking Company

45-year-old motorcyclist is killed on his way to work when tractor-trailer fails to yield and turns into cyclist’s path.

$300,000 – Verdict for Death of Motorcyclist Caused by Car Driver’s Failure to Yield

43-year-old riding a motorcycle is killed after a car driver fails to yield after stopping at a stop sign and causes a collision; jury finds car driver to be 60% at fault for the collision.

$150,000 – Settlement with Dog Owner for Road Rash

56-year-old motorcyclist and 55-year-old passenger suffer severe road rash and the passenger suffers torn shoulder muscle when a dog known to chase cars runs in front of motorcycle on highway and causes the bike to go down.

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