Case Results

Wrongful Death Case Results

$9,000,000 – Construction Accident – Wrongful death involving fall from scaffolding.

Construction Accident – Wrongful death involving fall from scaffolding.

$4,000,000 – Settlement for Wrongful Death Caused By Failure to Diagnose and Treat Spinal Meningitis

31-year-old wife and mother dies after multiple doctors fail to diagnose spinal meningitis despite significant symptoms and 3 trips to hospital. Our Personal Injury Attorneys challenged the medical facility and doctors for a wrongful death case that gave her family some financial security.

$2,000,000 – Verdict for Pre-death Pain and Suffering at Assisted Living Facility

82-year-old man with severe dementia was wrongfully retained in an assisted living facility rather than transferred to a higher level of care. Failure to provide proper care led to his fall, broken hip, and eventual death.

$1,250,000 – Settlement for Wrongful Death Caused By Negligent Prescription of Drugs

37-year-old wife and mother dies after accidental overdose of prescription medication wrongfully prescribed by doctor

$1,149,238 – Settlement for Death of Worker Due to Chemical Exposure in Workplace

49-year-old railroad car worker is killed after entering a tank car filled with nitrogen; owner of car had failed to properly inspect or mark tank car before sending it in for repairs

$1,020,000 – Motorcyclist’s Wrongful Death Settlement with Trucking Company

45-year-old motorcyclist is killed on his way to work when tractor-trailer fails to yield and turns into cyclist’s path.

$400,000 – Settlement for Head Injury in Nursing Home

83 year-old woman was improperly transferred into her bed, causing a brain injury and eventually death.

$362,000 – Verdict for Wrongful Death of Nursing Home Resident

93-year old retired nurse’s aide dies after being allowed to fall 18 times during a 30-month stay at a nursing home; jury finds nursing home liable for the willful and wanton disregard of their resident’s rights and safety

$300,000 – Verdict for Death of Motorcyclist Caused by Car Driver’s Failure to Yield

43-year-old riding a motorcycle is killed after a car driver fails to yield after stopping at a stop sign and causes a collision; jury finds car driver to be 60% at fault for the collision.

$465,000 – Verdict Against Insurance Corporation for Uninsured Motorist Benefits

67-year-old is killed in a car accident with an uninsured driver. Victim’s own insurance refuses to pay uninsured motorist benefits. After a trial, jury reaches verdict of $465,000 for victim’s estate and his two adult children. Court orders insurance corporation to pay limits of victim’s policy.

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