Case Results

Pressley Henningsen's Case Results

$245,962.50 – Settlement for Multiple Work-Related Back Injuries Resulting in Loss of Job

62-year-old traveling salesman suffers multiple disc herniations resulting in permanent lifting restrictions and loss of job through involuntary early retirement

$362,000 – Verdict for Wrongful Death of Nursing Home Resident

93-year old retired nurse’s aide dies after being allowed to fall 18 times during a 30-month stay at a nursing home; jury finds nursing home liable for the willful and wanton disregard of their resident’s rights and safety

$125,000 – Settlement after Permanent Total Award After Neck Injury Resulting in Loss of Job

34-year-old materials handler suffers cervical disc herniation at two levels while lifting on the job – resulting lifting restrictions cause loss of job and aggravation of major depressive disorder

$275,000 – Settlement for Poor Pressure Ulcer Care and Prevention

An 84-year old man with a complicated health history developed a pressure sore in a hospital and was transferred to a nursing home. The nursing home failed to take care of the pressure ulcer and it greatly worsened eventually resulting in surgery and death.

$250,000 – Settlement for Deceased Fall Victim’s Family

An 84-year old resident prone to falls dies after a fall at the nursing home. Records reveal that resident had fallen several days earlier and no additional precautions were taken to prevent subsequent falls.

$400,000 – Settlement for Closed-Head Injuries and Facial Fractures

Three tractor-trailers collide in winter driving conditions causing 40-year-old driver to suffer broken facial bones and a closed head injury.

$200,000 – Settlement for Fractured Hip

A 90-year old woman suffered a hip fracture, surgery and death due to nursing home negligence.

$125,000 – Settlement for Broken Hip

A 90-year old temporary nursing home resident falls from his bed and breaks hips after staff fails to answer his calls for toileting assistance; resident eventually returns home and lives additional three years with diminished quality of life.

$300,000 – Verdict for Death of Motorcyclist Caused by Car Driver’s Failure to Yield

43-year-old riding a motorcycle is killed after a car driver fails to yield after stopping at a stop sign and causes a collision; jury finds car driver to be 60% at fault for the collision.

$150,000 – Settlement with Dog Owner for Road Rash

56-year-old motorcyclist and 55-year-old passenger suffer severe road rash and the passenger suffers torn shoulder muscle when a dog known to chase cars runs in front of motorcycle on highway and causes the bike to go down.

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