Case Results

$1,000,000 – Settlement for Brain Damage Caused by Negligent Medical Monitoring

75-year-old retired nurse and grandmother is admitted into hospital for mild high blood pressure; doctor fails to monitor her sodium level and she suffers permanent brain damage (settlement during trial after we presented our case)

$825,000 — Settlement for Injury Resulting from Negligent Response to Shoulder Dystocia

Newborn suffers permanent loss of use of hand and arm after doctor fails to properly respond to shoulder dystocia during birth

$253,500 – Verdict for Wrongful Death Due to Failure to Diagnose Diverticulitis

73-year-old grandmother is admitted into hospital with a distended abdomen and complains of severe lower abdominal pain; doctor fails to order CT scan that would have discovered diverticulitis; after four days in hospital, diverticulum ruptures and causes infection that kills patient; on appeal, Iowa Supreme Court reduced verdict to $128,500

$336,000 – Settlement for Parents of Adult Daughter Killed in Semi Pile-up

42-year-old woman killed in a multi-vehicle pile-up involving numerous semis on the interstate in a snow storm. Parents recovered for the loss of the loving relationship with their adult daughter.

$90,000 – Settlement for Roll-over Crash Resulting in Back and Neck Nerve Injuries

50-year-old female nurse suffered aggravations of neck and back disc bulges requiring nerve root procedures to control pain after being struck by a driver who ran a stop sign and rolled her SUV over on its top.

$40,000 – Settlement for Rear-end Crash Resulting in Spinal Disc Injuries

23-year-old male college student suffered mid and low back disc bulges requiring chiropractic treatment and epidural injections after being rear-ended by a driver exiting a highway ramp.

$155,000 – Settlement with Negligent Driver Who Failed to Secure Trailer Load

60-year-old driver suffers neck and back injuries after her car is struck by railroad ties falling off of the trailer; truck driver failed to properly secure trailer load.

$121,365 – Verdict for Wrongful Death of Nine-Year-Old Due to Semi-Bicycle Collision

9-year-old girl riding a bicycle on highway is run down and killed by a semi-truck driver; jury finds semi driver 65% at fault for collision

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