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What Qualifies Me for Social Security Disability Benefits?

The rules for whether you qualify for Iowa Social Security Disability Benefits can be complex. You might be eligible for one of two different kinds of benefits – Disability Insurance Benefits or Supplemental Security Income.  In order to receive these benefits, there are basically two requirements: 1. You Must Be Disabled The Social Security Administration …


How to Apply for Iowa Social Security Disability Benefits

How Do I Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits? If you believe you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, the first step you must take is to apply for those benefits.  You will need to fill out an “Initial Application for Benefits” with the Social Security Administration in order to begin the process. The Initial Application for …


How an Experienced Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help with Your Claim

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits help thousands of people each year who can no longer work because of their severe physical or mental health conditions. Along with hundreds of other conditions, SSD benefits may cover common health conditions like lupus, diabetes, multiple sclerosis (MS), or even a brain injury. If you have a health condition …


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