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Why Would the Work Comp Insurance Company Deny My Iowa Work Injury Claim?
Posted By Emily Anderson - 07.09.20

Although some employees are lucky and have positive experiences when dealing with the workers’ compensation insurance company, it is critical to recognize that Insurance companies are not on our side...

Which Work Injuries are Not Covered by Iowa Workers’ Compensation?
Posted By Emily Anderson - 06.12.20

In order for something to be a work injury in Iowa, it must happen at work, have some relationship to the work activities, and be medically caused by work activities.  While some injures may appear t...

What Does the Latest Shoulder Injury Ruling Mean For Iowa’s Injured Workers?
Posted By Emily Anderson - 04.29.20

In July of 2017, workers’ compensation law changed dramatically for Iowans who suffered a shoulder injury at work. The law was designed to limit benefits to injured workers who had shoulder injuries....

Iowa Attorneys Answer Your Legal Questions about COVID-19
Posted By Laura Schultes, Tim Semelroth - 04.07.20

  1. What is the Protocol for Testing Iowa Nursing Home Residents for COVID-19 Symptoms? Nursing homes have always been required to evaluate their residents for any sort of respiratory problem. ...

Should I Hire an Iowa Workers’ Compensation Lawyer or Settle My Claim On My Own?
Posted By Emily Anderson - 03.17.20

After being hurt on the job in Iowa, you may believe you can settle your workers’ compensation claim on your own. But should you do so – or should you hire an experienced Iowa workers’ compensation a...

What is My Shoulder Injury Worth Under Iowa’s New Workers’ Compensation Laws?
Posted By Emily Anderson - 11.01.19

In July 2017, Iowa legislators made drastic changes to Iowa’s workers’ compensation laws.  One of the most drastic changes made was how shoulder injuries were compensated. In Iowa work comp law, ther...

Can the Work Comp Insurance Company Deny My Claim if I Tested Positive for a Drug or Alcohol Test After a Work Injury in Iowa?
Posted By Emily Anderson - 09.26.19

Did you have a work injury that was immediately followed by a positive drug or alcohol test? If so, the work comp insurance may deny your Iowa workers’ compensation claim. Iowa Workers’ Compensation ...

IME, FCE, MMI, MSA, PPD, TTD: Translating the Foreign Language of Iowa Workers’ Compensation
Posted By Emily Anderson - 08.19.19

Iowa workers’ compensation rules can be overwhelming.  One of the biggest challenges injured workers face after being hurt on the job is understanding work comp language.  There seems to be an acrony...

Why You Need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Who Understands Iowa’s New Work Comp Laws
Posted By Emily Anderson - 07.25.19

During the 2017 legislative session, some of Iowa’s lawmakers voted in new changes to Iowa’s Worker’s Compensation laws.  These changes were aimed to protect insurance companies and large, self-insur...

When Can I Reopen My Iowa Workers’ Compensation Claim?
Posted By Emily Anderson - 05.06.19

Are you worse off either physically or financially after you’ve resolved your Iowa workers’ compensation claim?  You might be wondering if you can reopen your claim and ask for additional permanent d...

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