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Should You Be Concerned if an Iowa Nursing Home is Using Restraints on Your Loved One?
Posted By Pressley Henningsen - 02.08.17

An Iowa nursing home abuse attorney gets many questions about what constitutes nursing home abuse. For instance, if you have visited a nursing home in Iowa, you may have seen some of the residents bei...

3 Things Parents Should Know About Head Injuries
Posted By Brian C. Ivers - 02.06.17

1.     Two Age Groups Are More Likely to Sustain Head Injuries Head injuries are common in kids of all ages, especially during falls.  According to the CDC, children from 0-4 years and teenagers from ...

What Do I Have to Do after My Personal Injury Lawsuit is Filed?
Posted By Ben Long - 01.31.17

Once you have filed a personal injury lawsuit, there is still much to do before your claim settles or goes to trial. A lawyer is there to do the majority of the work for you. However, there are still...

Social Security Disability Programs Under Attack
Posted By Corey Luedeman - 01.30.17

As virtually anyone who has been denied disability benefits knows, the wait time to get a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge for your denied Social Security Disability claim is just plain...

Should You Care Whether Your Iowa Personal Injury Lawyer Has Recent Trial Experience?
Posted By Tim Semelroth - 01.25.17

After an injury, most people don’t think to themselves “Gosh, I want to go to trial.” Most plaintiffs just want a settlement that fairly compensates them for what they lost and what they’ve had to go...

When Will I Get The Settlement Money From My Iowa Personal Injury Claim?
Posted By Ben Long - 01.18.17

After their Iowa personal injury claim has been settled, one of the most common questions we hear from our clients is “When will I receive my settlement money?” The Settlement Check Will Not Arrive R...

Do I Really Need an Iowa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for my Accident Claim?
Posted By Pressley Henningsen - 01.10.17

If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash in Iowa, you are probably wondering if you need an Iowa motorcycle accident lawyer for your insurance or legal claim. The insurance adjuster may be telling you tha...

Iowa Workers’ Compensation Claims: Determining How Much a Shoulder Injury Is Worth
Posted By Emily Anderson - 01.05.17

State law regarding Iowa workers’ compensation claims is complex. Injured workers often need an attorney that specializes in work comp claims to get the settlement they deserve. For instance, in Iowa,...

6 Tips to Keep You Safe While Winter Driving
Posted By Tim Semelroth - 01.01.17

With winter weather finally upon us (after a thankfully mild November), winter driving can present a number of challenges because of snow, ice, or slush. Being prepared when winter weather strikes wil...

Do You Really Need a Lawyer After an Iowa Car Accident?
Posted By Ben Long - 12.27.16

If you have been in a car crash, you may be wondering if you need an attorney.  The insurance representative is telling you it’s a good idea to settle your claim as soon as possible.  But you are stil...

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