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Why the Jury Might Be Biased Against You in Your Iowa Medical Malpractice Case
Posted By Farl Greene - 10.07.16

If you have your medical malpractice case go to trial in Iowa, you might be facing an uphill battle.  Many jurors can be biased in the way they think about medical malpractice cases. Over the last th...

What is Dram Shop Liability and How Does it Affect Your Auto Accident Case?
Posted By Ben Long - 09.28.16

If you have been injured in a car accident where the other driver was drunk, you may be wondering what your next steps should be.  Perhaps you have been doing some research online and you came across ...

Having Trouble Paying Bills While You Wait for Your Workers’ Compensation Settlement?
Posted By Emily Anderson - 09.20.16

If you have a work injury and cannot work as normal, paying bills can suddenly become a serious issue.  Waiting on workers’ compensation checks to come in the mail can be stressful.  You never know if...

Four Leading Causes of Fatal Injuries from Car Crashes in Iowa
Posted By Tim Semelroth - 09.15.16

Every year, hundreds of people in Iowa are killed in car crashes.  In 2015 alone, 320 people were killed on Iowa roads.  While a list of the main causes of these car accidents contains no surprises t...

Child Car Seats: Are You Using the Right One the Right Way?
Posted By Emily Anderson - 09.14.16

The world of transporting a child has become more complicated.  Believe me—I know.  We have three kids in three different types of car seats!  Using the right car seat can make the difference between ...

4 Steps to Take If You Suffer a Motorcycle Accident Injury
Posted By Pressley Henningsen - 09.09.16

The end of summer is on its way, and for many, the cooler days and nights are the perfect time to get out and take a long ride on their motorcycle.  However, with the nice weather comes lots of traffi...

Why You Can’t Trust Your Own Auto Insurance after a Semi-Truck Accident
Posted By Tim Semelroth - 09.02.16

If you were injured in a crash with a semi-truck, you probably thought your own insurance company was on your side.  After all, you pay your insurance premiums on time every month.  You bought into t...

How to Apply for Iowa Social Security Disability Benefits
Posted By Corey Luedeman - 08.24.16

How Do I Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits? If you believe you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, the first step you must take is to apply for those benefits.  You will need...

Preparing Your Students for a Successful School Year
Posted By Emily Anderson - 08.19.16

It can be tough coming off of those carefree summer days and headed back into structured schedules, homework, and extracurricular activities.   Follow these tips to make the transition back to school ...

Do You Have a Good Iowa Medical Malpractice Case?
Posted By Farl Greene - 08.17.16

If you were injured or otherwise harmed by a medical professional in Iowa, you may believe that you have a good medical malpractice lawsuit.  However, although actual medical malpractice is fairly co...

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