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Common Problems in Iowa Nursing Homes
Posted By Pressley Henningsen - 12.10.15

Problem No. 1: Poor Recordkeeping Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are governed by regulations designed to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents. Following these regulations re...

One Obvious Workers’ Compensation Mistake to Avoid
Posted By Emily Anderson - 12.08.15

Remember that Your Doctor May Be Able to Help You Get a Better Settlement You might find this hard to believe, but when some people are getting treatment for their work injury, they actually miss appo...

Iowa Workers’ Compensation Tips: Maximize Your Settlements Instead of Shrinking Them
Posted By Emily Anderson - 12.05.15

Do not let Medicare take a bite out of your Iowa workers’ compensation settlement. Medicare may not pay for medical treatment if it believes that an injured worker has already received money in ...

Reasons Why Most Iowa Medical Malpractice Victims Are Never Compensated
Posted By Tim Semelroth - 11.29.15

REASON #1: Most Families of Deceased Patients Do Not Request Autopsies In an Iowa medical malpractice case, the person suing must prove that a medical professional’s error was a cause of a patient’s i...

Settlement & Your Health Insurance Company: An Important Warning
Posted By Tim Semelroth - 11.29.15

If You Are Not Careful, Your Health Insurance May Seize Money You Receive in a Car Accident Settlement If a health insurance company paid for any part of your crash-related medical expenses, you must ...

Common Mistakes After a Work Injury in Iowa
Posted By Emily Anderson - 11.22.15

MISTAKE #1: Losing Your Right to Iowa Workers’ Compensation Benefits Because You Missed an Important Legal Deadline The most costly error you can make as an injured worker in Iowa is failing to...

What to Do If You Suspect the Nursing Home is Causing Harm
Posted By Ben Long - 11.11.15

No. 1: Promptly investigate all “preventable injuries” to nursing home residents The following is a list of common injuries to nursing home residents that are often caused by neglect or ab...

What to Consider Before Settling a Truck Accident Claim
Posted By Farl Greene - 11.08.15

WARNING: The Settlement Amount Offered May Not Be Going in Your Pocket If a truck driver was clearly at fault, company representatives will often try to convince an accident victim or his or her famil...

Dangerous Myths about Iowa Truck Accident Claims
Posted By Tim Semelroth - 10.07.15

MYTH: You Didn’t Cause the Crash So You Don’t Have to Do Anything to Get Compensation If you are injured in an Iowa truck crash, you cannot assume that overworked police officers or state troopers wil...

Dangerous Myths About Iowa Car Accident Claims
Posted By Tim Semelroth - 09.19.15

MYTH: It is Always a Good Idea to Quickly Settle Your Iowa Car Accident Claim Have you ever heard the saying “haste makes waste”? It is a piece of wisdom that is important to heed after an Iowa car ac...

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