Unfair Tactics Insurance Corporations Use to Exploit Truck Accident Victims

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Posted by Tim Semelroth

UNFAIR TACTIC: Trucking Company’s Representative Tells You “My Company Won’t Pay if You Don’t Give a Recorded Statement”

The first thing to realize is that the trucking company (or its insurance corporation) is not likely to pay for anything – not one medical bill, not one lost paycheck – until the truck accident victim or his or her family is ready to settle all claims once and for all.

Giving a recorded statement will not change that. If the trucking company’s representative seems to suggest otherwise, ask if giving a recorded statement means they will immediately pay for your medical bills (and wait for the backpedaling on the other end of the line). When it comes to giving a recorded statement – not only is there usually no benefit for the injury victim – there is often serious danger to the victim’s claim.

Trucking company insurance representatives are professionals trained to take recorded statements that can be used against injury victims in court. They are coached to sound caring and empathetic so they can gain the trust of injury victims (or their families).

Do not be fooled! These insurance representatives use your trust to ask specific questions designed to get damaging admissions that will reduce the value of a truck accident claim. Trucking accident victims and their families do not have to give recorded statements. Refusing to give a recorded statement will not reduce the compensation that must ultimately be paid.

If the trucking company or its insurance corporation calls after a crash, we recommend that you politely tell them you will be happy to speak to them after you healed and after you have a clear picture of the total amount of your injury-related harms and losses.

Because of the risks associated with giving a recorded statement, our firm only allows our clients to speak to the trucker’s insurance representatives when one of our attorneys is present. To find out the rest of the Six Unfair Tactics Insurance Corporations Use to Exploit Truck Accident Victims, use the form on this page to download the entire Law Guide to Iowa Truck Accident Claims.

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