Why Should I Hire an Iowa Workers’ Compensation Lawyer if My Benefits are Being Paid?

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Posted by Dillon Besser

In the Iowa workers’ compensation system, there are multiple benefits that an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is required to provide. Oftentimes injured workers will assume that because they are receiving weekly checks from the insurance company, they do not need to hire a work comp attorney.

However, even if the insurance company is paying you benefits right now, there are many potential hurdles or pitfalls that could cause you to need an attorney. There is also the possibility of additional benefits that you might not be aware of and could be receiving if you have hired an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

What Work Comp Benefits Can You Receive in Iowa?

In the broadest sense, a workers’ compensation carrier is required to provide three main categories of benefits to an injured worker:

  • Medical benefits
  • Temporary disability benefits
  • Permanent disability benefits.

Even if the insurance company seems to be providing those, there can be more to the story.

Am I Getting the Right Medical Treatment For My Work Injury?

An employer’s workers’ compensation insurance is required to provide all reasonable and necessary medical treatment related to a work injury. The compromise for this is that the insurance company chooses those doctors.

Injured workers will often contact our office questioning whether the correct medical treatment is being provided. While an attorney can initially offer broad advice as to the medical benefits being provided, an attorney cannot really dive into assisting with your medical treatment until they have been hired.

At RSH Legal, our attorneys and staff put an emphasis on being fully informed of the client’s medical treatment. If the necessary treatment is not being authorized by insurance in a timely manner, an attorney can immediately step in if they are already involved in the case. If an injured worker waits until the treatment becomes delayed, it takes more time for the attorney to gather the necessary information to help the client.

Also, an insurance carrier may decide no more treatment is necessary even if you are still in significant pain. If an attorney is already involved, the process for requested additional treatment can move much more quickly.

Am I Getting Paid Enough Workers’ Comp Benefits?

For the monetary benefits an insurance carrier is already paying, there is always the possibility that they are not paying you the amount they should be. An injured worker’s “compensation rate” in Iowa’s workers’ compensation system is based on specific laws and a formula. If you hire an attorney, we are then able to request records to verify that the insurance company is paying you the amount you should be paid.

Iowa Workmans’ Comp Settlements

Finally, individuals will often call our office at the end of their treatment once the insurance company has made a settlement offer. While we are always happy to talk with injured Iowans, we can only broadly address your case. Workers’ compensation cases can be complex. This is why at RSH Legal, we focus on gathering all the necessary information in advance so we can maximize the benefits an injured worker should receive.

Because of the potential hurdles and unknown benefits to workers’ compensation claims, it is always a good idea to review your case with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. If you have these concerns, do not hesitate to contact an attorney at RSH Legal today at 1-319-559-4952.

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