3 Ways to Avoid Semi-Truck Crashes in Iowa

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Posted by Ben Long

With so many semi-trucks traveling on I-80 and other Iowa highways, there’s more potential than ever for a collision with a smaller vehicle.  Considering the size difference between cars and semi-trucks, these accidents can result in serious injuries or even death.

To reduce your chances of being in a semi-truck wreck in Iowa, we recommend following these three safety tips:

1.      Avoid Driving in a Semi’s Blind Spots.

A semi-truck has several large blind spots along the length of the cab and trailer.  These “no-zones” are located directly in front of the semi, in certain areas on either side of the semi, and behind the rear bumper of the truck.   Even with their side mirrors, truckers cannot see these areas.

Drivers can avoid crashes with semis by spending as little time as possible in these “no-zones.”  If you need to pass, don’t ride alongside the semi and wait for an opportunity to get by.  The longer you spend in these blind spots, the more likely it is the trucker forgets you are there.

2.      Always Pass A Semi-Truck on the Left Side.

A truck driver’s biggest blind spot is on the right side of the semi.  A large section of the trailer on this side is obscured from a trucker’s view.  If a truck driver has to swerve or change lanes quickly, they may not notice you are there – leading to a serious crash.

If you must pass a semi, do so on the left side.  The blind spot on the left side is smaller.  Also, truckers expect other vehicles to pass on the left, so they will be less likely to swerve into that lane in case of an emergency.

3.      Keep A Good Distance From a Semi While Driving on Iowa Roads.

It’s important to give a semi plenty of space – not only while you are traveling behind it, but while merging into the same lane.  Semis have blind spots directly in front of their truck, which means cutting them off is a bad idea.  Tractor-trailers are large, heavy vehicles that cannot slow down quickly, so if you brake suddenly after coming into their lane, you may be rear-ended.

Do not tailgate a semi either.  If you follow a truck too closely, then you cannot see around a truck and don’t know what may be ahead.  A good rule of thumb is: if you can’t see the truck driver in their side mirror, then it’s likely they can’t see you either.

Before You Settle Your Semi-Truck Crash Case, Talk to an Iowa Trucking Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a semi-truck accident in Iowa, you need to speak with an experienced Iowa trucking accident attorney.  Truck crashes are not “normal” automobile accidents, and they have their own set of rules.  Before you decide to settle your case, talk to an Iowa personal injury attorney to make sure you’re getting a fair settlement offer.

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