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Types of Sexual Harassment That Can Happen on the Job in Iowa – and What You Can Do About It

Do you dread going to work each day because you must deal with your coworkers making sexual comments or behaving in an inappropriate way? Sexual harassment is illegal behavior that many Iowans nonetheless face in their workplace. What is Sexual Harassment in the Iowa Workplace? There are many different forms that sexual harassment can take …


How Do I Describe My Limitations at My Iowa Disability Hearing?

If you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits and have appealed that denial decision, it’s likely you’ll need to have a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. You will be waiting a while – most claimants wait anywhere from 1-2 years until their hearing. Describing Your Disability to an Administrative Law Judge at Your …


Should You Submit Your Medical Bills to Your Health Insurance After a Serious Iowa Car Crash?

After a serious Iowa car accident, it’s likely you had to go to the hospital or see your doctor for your injuries. You may be wondering if you should submit those medical bills to your own health insurance. Most people are surprised to learn that you should submit your crash-related medical bills to your health …

RSH Legal Attorneys Secure $6 Million Verdict for Iowa Nursing Home Neglect Victim and Her Family

RSH Legal nursing home lawyers Pressley Henningsen and Brian C. Ivers fought for fairness for Darlene Weaver and her family and secured a $6 million verdict against Buffalo Center’s Timely Mission Nursing Home. 83-year-old Darlene Weaver was in the care of Timely Mission when she suffered a serious fall where she fractured her hip and …

Most Iowans Don’t Know About This Workers’ Compensation Benefit You Can Receive After an Injury at Work

Even when an injured worker is receiving Iowa workers’ compensation benefits, there are times when there may be unknown benefits available. Certain types of cases may qualify for a “Second Injury Fund” claim. Most injured workers are never told about this, but it is important to understand what this could potentially mean for you.  Iowa’s …


Why Won’t You Take My Iowa Medical Malpractice Case?

We get thousands of phone calls and website requests each year from people who feel they have an Iowa medical malpractice case. While we agree there’s no excuse for shoddy medical care, unfortunately not all bad medical care qualifies as medical malpractice in Iowa. To be considered medical malpractice in Iowa, there needs to be …


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