Did a loved one suffer a wrongful death in Iowa?

Find out what the insurance industry doesn’t want your family to know

It is always hard to lose someone you love. It is even harder when you suspect that your loved one’s death resulted from someone else’s fault, such as in a wrongful death case. The grieving process is difficult enough – now you have to figure out how to hold the responsible person accountable and get a fair settlement for the survivors. We here at RSH Legal know how difficult that can be.

An Iowa wrongful death claim is something that most people (and most lawyers) are not equipped to deal with on their own.

Depending on what caused your family member’s death, you may need an expert in:

On top of all that, you need an understanding of Iowa probate law so any wrongful death settlement can be legally and appropriately distributed to the surviving family.

Unfortunately, the insurance companies of the person or persons who caused your loved one’s wrongful death typically make this bad situation worse. Over the years, we have seen insurance companies work hard to deny responsibility, delay negotiations and – even in the most obvious cases of wrongful death – offer lowball settlement offers to grieving families who know no better. Insurance corporations feel comfortable engaging in these unfair tactics because they know a family in mourning is vulnerable to making bad decisions.

If you suspect a family member or loved one was killed by someone else’s fault, your mind is probably swirling with questions like:

  • “Who is responsible for what happened to my loved one?”
  • “How do I find out if I have an Iowa wrongful death case?”
  • “How long do I have to file an Iowa wrongful death lawsuit?”
  • “Do I really need an Iowa attorney to help me if my loved one was killed in Iowa?”

After years of helping grieving families navigate the complexities of Iowa wrongful death law, we here at RSH Legal have gathered all of our tips, strategies and warnings into one publicationThe Law Guide to Iowa Wrongful Death Claims.

We provide this Law Guide free to anyone who is concerned about the pitfalls of bringing a wrongful death claim in Iowa.

The Law Guide to Iowa Wrongful Death Claims is straight forward and easy to read.

Inside, you will find:

  • We identify the four types of people who may have a legal claim when a loved one is killed in Iowa.
  • We reveal the five costly mistakes a well-meaning family member can make when pursuing an Iowa wrongful death claim – and we teach you how to avoid them.
  • We give you a step-by-step system for finding the right Iowa wrongful death lawyer for your case – we even give you some smart questions to ask when you get an attorney on the phone.

Here is a sample of the comments RSH Legal attorneys have received from grateful clients:

"After our mother’s death, they were informative and took control of the situation. They were both sympathetic to our cause and were passionate about right prevailing over wrong. They understood what we were going through while maintaining total professionalism."

Lola Humpal Hallberg, Waterloo, Iowa

"When our daughter died, they listened to us and were sympathetic to our loss. They validated that someone had been negligent and relieved our feelings of self-blame. They went the extra mile to ensure that our daughter’s death wasn’t swept under the rug."

Gerald and Judy Zaruba, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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