RSH Legal Attorneys Secure $6 Million Verdict for Iowa Nursing Home Neglect Victim and Her Family

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Posted by Tim Semelroth

nursing home abuse victim Darlene Weaver
Darlene Weaver

RSH Legal nursing home lawyers Pressley Henningsen and Brian C. Ivers fought for fairness for Darlene Weaver and her family and secured a $6 million verdict against Buffalo Center’s Timely Mission Nursing Home.

83-year-old Darlene Weaver was in the care of Timely Mission when she suffered a serious fall where she fractured her hip and shoulder. This fall ultimately resulted in Darlene’s untimely death. The Weaver family’s lawsuit argued that Timely Mission was negligent in protecting Darlene from falls, as she had a history of falling both at Timely Mission and at other care facilities and was considered a fall risk.

In addition to the fall that killed Darlene, Timely Mission was accused of failure to take action to correct an employee’s abusive behavior, and for mismanaging medications.

The jury awarded the Weaver family $2 million for pain and suffering, $2 million for punitive damages, $1 million for her family’s loss of companionship and comfort, and $1 million for Darlene’s loss of function in mind and body.

This verdict illustrates the 7th Amendment at work in our local communities, making it possible to fight for fairness for those killed due to someone else’s fault.

We were honored to represent the Weaver family in their fight to get justice for Darlene.

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