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Personal Injury Lawyers Representing Victims in Altoona, Iowa

When somebody causes an injury to another person, they should have to pay for it. That’s a principle that RSH Legal believes in, and we’ve spent over 30 years helping people recover the money they deserve from accidents that weren’t their fault. We’re not stopping anytime soon, because we want to help people across Iowa to get the justice they deserve. We’ve already helped people across the state to recover compensation, and we’ll fight for fairness for you too.

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Do I Need an Altoona Personal Injury Lawyer?

Altoona personal injury cases are rarely straightforward. They involve nuanced laws, combative insurance companies, and various legal procedures. All this brings us to a critical question: Do you need a personal injury lawyer?

Personal injury law, which covers cases from car accidents to medical malpractice, is complex and multifaceted. Each case has unique details that can significantly influence its outcome. Determining liability, understanding the extent of injuries, and interpreting laws require a high level of legal knowledge and expertise.

Navigating Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies can be a significant challenge. Insurers often have teams of lawyers working to protect their interests, potentially offering settlements lower than what you rightfully deserve. A personal injury lawyer knows how to negotiate effectively with these companies, advocating for your interests and striving to secure a fair settlement.

Assessing the Value of Your Claim

Determining the true value of an Altoona personal injury claim is no simple task. It’s not just about immediate medical expenses. Factors like ongoing medical treatment, loss of earnings, and physical and mental pain and suffering must also be considered. A personal injury lawyer can help estimate these accurately, ensuring you don’t settle for less than what your claim is worth.

Legal Processes and Paperwork

A personal injury case involves extensive legal procedures and paperwork. From filing the lawsuit to gathering evidence, the process can be overwhelming for someone unfamiliar with the legal system. An attorney will manage these tasks, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

Preparing for Possible Litigation

While many cases settle outside of court, some may go to trial. This eventuality can be daunting without a legal expert on your side. An experienced personal injury lawyer is prepared to navigate trial proceedings, advocating for your rights in the courtroom.

Our law firm is ready to provide the expertise you need. Get in touch today for a consultation, and let us be your trusted guide on the journey to justice.

How to Wreck Your Altoona Personal Injury Case

Personal injury cases require careful steps to ensure a favorable outcome. However, not everyone is aware of the pitfalls that could derail their case. Let’s look at what you should avoid when pursuing a personal injury claim.

Mistake 1: Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Attention

It’s paramount to seek medical attention right after an accident, even if you feel fine. The adrenaline rush may mask your injuries; some symptoms take time to manifest. Delayed treatment risks your health and provides ammunition for insurers to argue that your injuries aren’t severe or related to the accident.

Mistake 2: Not Following Medical Advice

Once you’ve sought medical attention, it’s essential to adhere to your healthcare provider’s advice. Skipping treatments, disregarding advice, or missing follow-up appointments can harm your case. Non-compliance can be seen as a sign that your injuries aren’t as serious as claimed, damaging your credibility and potentially reducing your settlement.

Mistake 3: Giving Recorded Statements to Insurers Without Legal Counsel

Insurance companies are skilled at safeguarding their bottom line, which may mean paying you less. Speaking directly to them without an attorney may lead you to say things that could be used against your claim later. Always consult with your attorney before giving any statement to the insurance company.

Mistake 4: Posting on Social Media

In our digital age, seemingly harmless social media posts can be a minefield. You might share a picture at a gathering, only for it to be used as proof that your injuries aren’t debilitating. Insurers and opposing counsel can use your posts out of context to dispute your claim. It’s wise to limit your social media activity during your case.

Mistake 5: Settling Too Quickly

The aftermath of an Altoona accident can be overwhelming, and you might be tempted to settle quickly to close this distressing chapter. However, rushing can prevent you from fully understanding the extent of your injuries and losses. A premature settlement could leave you with less compensation than you need for long-term medical costs, lost income, and other damages.

In conclusion, a personal injury case can be a complex journey. There are numerous pitfalls and mistakes to avoid that could jeopardize your claim. However, remember that you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Engaging an experienced personal injury lawyer can guide you past these pitfalls toward a successful claim. Don’t wreck your case—contact our firm today, and let us help you navigate the complexities of personal injury law.

Do I Still Have a Claim if My Altoona Injury Was Partially My Fault?

Accidents are rarely black-and-white, and it’s common to wonder: if you’re partly at fault for your injuries, can you still file a personal injury claim?

Understanding Modified Comparative Fault

Iowa, and thus Altoona, is a modified comparative fault state. That sounds complicated, but it’s pretty straightforward. In Iowa, as long as you’re less than 50% at fault, you have a case. The only hangup is that your recovery will be reduced proportionately to how at fault you are.

For example, if you were 20% responsible for the accident (that is if the jury finds you to be 20% at fault), your award gets reduced by 20%. So, there’s a good chance that even if you’re somewhat responsible, you’ll still have a valid claim. However, if you are more than 50% at fault, recovery is barred. But you should check with an attorney to make sure.

The Importance of Legal Representation

In cases of shared fault, the expertise of a personal injury attorney becomes crucial. Not only will they guide you through Iowa’s specific laws, but they’ll also help argue your degree of fault, which is critical to determining your eligible compensation. Your Altoona lawyer can gather evidence, reconstruct the accident scene, or bring in expert witnesses, all to demonstrate that your share of the blame is minimal or nonexistent.

In conclusion, even if you think you were partly at fault in the accident, you may still have a viable personal injury claim. Understanding comparative and contributory negligence is critical in these situations. While the process can seem daunting, remember that you don’t have to navigate these complexities alone. Our experienced personal injury attorneys are here to help. Reach out today for a consultation, and let’s explore the best course of action for your unique situation.

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