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If your loved one is a resident in a Cedar Rapids nursing home, you want to believe they are being well treated and cared for. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect are widespread – almost one-third of America’s nursing homes have been cited for an abuse violation. It’s not unusual to find these problems in Cedar Rapids facilities too.

Common Injuries in Cedar Rapids Nursing Homes

There are common injuries often caused by nursing home negligence or abuse. These injuries can typically be prevented in well-managed nursing homes with staff that have the time and empathy to care for the residents properly.

These injuries can include:

Decubitus ulcers – also known as bed sores, occur when a resident isn’t moved enough and a tear in the skin develops. These ulcers can become infected or gangrenous if not addressed quickly.
Sexual assault.
Physical abuse.
Mental or emotional abuse.
Financial abuse – sensitive information of nursing home residents is easily accessible by nursing home staff. This information can be stolen and used to drain bank accounts or take out loans or credit cards in the resident’s name.
Transfer, gait assist, or wheelchair injuries.
Medication errors – including receiving too much medication, not enough medication, or the wrong medication.
Elopement or wandering injuries.
Restraint injuries – while restraints can be useful to keep a resident from endangering themselves if they are too tight or the resident is restrained incorrectly, injuries can occur. Restraints are also used by the abusive staff as punishment or discipline, which could be a violation of your loved one’s rights.
alls causing broken bones or traumatic brain injuries.
Severe malnutrition or dehydration – some residents can’t properly feed themselves or give themselves water. If nursing home staff neglects to help them eat and drink enough, they can quickly become malnourished or dehydrated.

The Clock is Ticking on Getting Justice

If your loved one was seriously injured or killed at a Cedar Rapids nursing home, you have a limited amount of time to get justice on their behalf. Generally, Iowa law says someone has two years from the date that the resident was aware of the injury to file a lawsuit.

This doesn’t mean you should wait until the two years are nearly up before you start the investigation. Evidence can disappear and witnesses can forget what happened. Also, if you decide to hire an attorney to help with your nursing home claim, they will need a minimum of six months to investigate your case properly.

This investigation can include:

Tracking down your loved one’s medical records
Having medical records and other important evidence reviewed by an expert
Reviewing any arbitration agreement that exists to see whether it is enforceable
Review any investigation done by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals to see if claims of abuse or neglect have merit

Residents and/or their families are responsible for initiating investigations into abuse or neglect claims. But a skilled Cedar Rapids nursing home neglect attorney can help.

If your loved one has been injured or killed in a nursing facility in Cedar Rapids, you need to contact us as soon as possible at 1-800-433-0283 to get the ball rolling.

Only Serious Injuries or Death of a Cedar Rapids Nursing Home Resident Justify Filing a Lawsuit

The other thing to know about filing a lawsuit against a Cedar Rapids nursing home is that many law firms will only take your case if your loved one was killed or permanently injured because of neglect or abuse.

That is because these types of cases are very complex and expensive. Necessary expert witnesses and costly medical research drives up the out-of-pocket expenses to $50,000-75,000 or more.

It’s a sad fact in today’s legal system that not everyone who is hurt can be compensated for their injury. Sometimes nursing homes can get away with neglect or abuse because the injury they caused is not permanent.

Unless your loved one has been seriously injured or killed, there may not be enough money left over after the case is done to compensate your loved one and your family.

Cedar Rapids Nursing Home Facilities and Wrongful Death

If your loved one was killed during their stay, only certain people are allowed to file a wrongful death claim and collect compensation. These parties could include:

The administrator of the estate
The spouse of the deceased
The minor children, or the adult children, of the deceased
The parents of a deceased minor or adult child.

If you are not related to your loved one in one of these ways, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to file a wrongful death claim. However, you should still call an experienced personal injury attorney in Cedar Rapids and get their opinion on the next steps to take.

We offer a free, no-obligation case evaluation – simply call our office at 1-800-433-0283.

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