Consider an Autopsy if You Suspect Your Loved One Was Killed by a Medical Error in Iowa (Video)

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Posted by Farl Greene

Often, the last thing on your mind after your loved one has died is an autopsy to prove medical malpractice occurred.  However, performing an autopsy is an important step to proving an Iowa medical malpractice claim.  In Iowa, the person bringing the lawsuit has to prove that a healthcare professional made a mistake, and that this mistake caused the patient’s injury or death.  The best way to do this is an autopsy.

An Autopsy Can Help Answer Whether Medical Malpractice Occurred

Your loved one was probably receiving medical care because they were sick or injured.  After they have died, the hospital or doctor may attribute the death to something other than malpractice.  An autopsy can help identify the cause of death.  It can also help answer the question whether or not medical malpractice occurred.

Time is of the essence when it comes to doing an autopsy.  It’s best to have the autopsy performed before embalming or preparing the body for burial.  Embalming can potentially alter or destroy physical evidence that can help prove your case.  To help preserve that evidence, an autopsy should be performed as soon as possible after death.

Without an autopsy, it can be much more difficult to prove that your loved one died because of a medical error.  An autopsy is one of the criteria used by an Iowa personal injury attorney to determine if you have a good case for medical malpractice.

Speak With an Iowa Medical Malpractice Lawyer Before Performing an Autopsy

Autopsies do not always answer the question of why your loved one died.  They can be inconclusive or reveal underlying medical conditions that could have contributed to death.  A defense attorney can then argue that these conditions, and not a medical error, caused the death of your loved one. It can be far more difficult for an Iowa personal injury attorney to prove that medical malpractice killed your loved one if the autopsy is inconclusive.

While an autopsy is usually helpful to proving your claim, it’s best to speak with an experienced Iowa medical malpractice attorney before performing an autopsy.  An attorney can help you determine whether doing an autopsy is the right choice.

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