Dangerous Myths About Iowa Car Accident Claims

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Posted by Tim Semelroth

MYTH: It is Always a Good Idea to Quickly Settle Your Iowa Car Accident Claim

Have you ever heard the saying “haste makes waste”? It is a piece of wisdom that is important to heed after an Iowa car accident injury. For many crash victims, a quick settlement is not always a smart settlement.

There is a reason the other driver’s insurance company will push you to quickly settle your claim.  It is not for your benefit – it is for theirs. Insurance companies know that a quick settlement can often be made for less than full and fair compensation.

A Car Accident Settlement Is Forever – No Matter What Happens in the Future

Many people don’t realize that most auto insurance corporations will only issue one settlement check for a car accident injury claim. After that one settlement check, the other driver’s insurance will pay no additional money – even if your injury gets worse, you need future medical treatment, or you lose your job.

That means you must make sure that a settlement covers all of your crash-related harms and losses. If you do not, you will pay for those expenses out of your own pocket.

How Do You Know if a Quick Settlement is a Bad Idea for Your Iowa Car Accident Claim?

If any of the following situations apply to you, you usually should avoid a quick settlement:

  • If you are still receiving medical care for accident-related injuries
  • If your accident-related injuries will likely require additional medical care
  • If you have not yet been able to return to normal activities – especially work-related activities

If you are still in one of the above situations five months or more after a car accident, immediately consult with an experienced Iowa car accident attorney to see what legal deadlines may apply to your claim.

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