Do I Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer Near Me?

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Posted by Ben Long

After a serious car accident in Iowa, you probably realize you need to call an attorney. However, doing an Internet search can quickly overwhelm you with potential options for a lawyer. So how do you know which one to pick?

Many car accident victims will choose an attorney simply because that attorney has a law office near their house. This may work out if you have basic probate or a standard family law matter because most of those cases are fairly straightforward.

You Need an Expert For Your Serious Iowa Car Accident Claim

However, if you’ve been seriously hurt in a car wreck, you need an expert for your case – and it’s not likely an expert at Iowa car accident cases works 5 minutes from your house. When looking for an attorney, you should do a statewide search to make sure you’re finding the right one for you.

Any attorney licensed in Iowa can practice law within the entire state. What that means is if for example, you’re from Davenport, your attorney can work in Cedar Rapids or Waterloo or even Des Moines and still be your lawyer. It is not required that your attorney lives in the same city or even the same county as you, or where the accident took place.

Although we are based in Cedar Rapids, many of our clients live in Southern or Western Iowa, and we fight for fairness for them in just the same way as we do for our more local clients.

Why Our Use of Technology Means You Can Hire Us Even if You Live in a Different Iowa City

Another reason you don’t need to hire an attorney that lives close by is the usage of modern technology in law firms. Nowadays, many of our clients sign contracts with us through an automated system. With a swipe of their finger or some typing on the keyboard, our clients can sign up with us and fill out important paperwork – all without having to visit our office.

We also offer virtual, free, new-client consultations through online meeting software or phone calls. Our attorneys can conduct interviews of witnesses through phone calls or Zoom, and we regularly take depositions in the same way.

It’s rare that our clients come into the office more than once or twice if they don’t choose to – many times, we only see our clients face-to-face during mediation or when we’re handing them a settlement check.

We’re also able to communicate with you through text or email if you prefer to be contacted in that way. It’s much easier for many of our clients to hear updates about their cases through texts or emails instead of phone calls or in-person visits, especially if they live a few hours away.

Given that a serious car crash can result in a settlement that equals the cost of a house, it’s important that you choose the right attorney for your car accident claim – not just one that’s close.

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