The Absolute Wrong Way to Pick an Attorney for Your Iowa Harassment Case

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Posted by Tom Foley

Picking an attorney to represent you in your Iowa harassment claim is a choice the needs to be made carefully. Choosing the wrong attorney can have serious consequences for your case.

The absolute wrong way to pick a lawyer is to make a quick decision based on convenience.

Mistake #1: Don’t Hire a Lawyer Just Because They’re the Only One You Know

For example, A common mistake is hiring the only attorney you know or have used before in a different type of claim.

Remember, though, doing a good job on a divorce case or a drunk driving charge does not necessarily mean that the same attorney is qualified to handle a claim involving workplace harassment. Like all areas of law, harassment law in Iowa is detailed and it’s important that your attorney know those details to give your case the best chance of success.

Employment attorneys that represent employees are relatively rare in Iowa, and most of them have practices that are specifically focused on employment cases; it’s not likely you’ll find an experienced Iowa harassment attorney who also handles family law, criminal law, or probate matters.

That said, if you have a lawyer that you know and trust, asking that attorney for names of harassment attorneys in Iowa may be a useful starting point to find a qualified attorney.

Keep in mind – an employment law attorney who is licensed to practice law in Iowa can represent any employee in the state of Iowa who was harassed.  Phone calls, emails, text messaging and even video meetings can be used to communicate with your attorney so you don’t have to travel to their office each and every time you need to touch base.

Rather than picking the attorney who might live closes to you, focus on picking the best and most qualified one for your case. That kind of decision should involve a statewide search.

Mistake #2: Don’t Hire an Attorney Just Because They Answer the Phone First

Another common mistake people make when picking an attorney is signing up with the first attorney who takes the call. Any lawyer can seem qualified or knowledgeable if you haven’t done some comparison shopping.

Using the Internet is a good way to come up with an initial list of names to reach out to, but follow through with research by visiting their websites and having initial phone calls with them.

Mistake #3: Don’t Hire a Lawyer Off an Attorney Referral Website

Finally, be cautious about attorney referral websites. These sites are common places for people to describe their situation and location and then in return, get the name of an attorney to contact.

A lawyer listed on an attorney referral website is not necessarily there because he or she has a good reputation. In fact, many of these referral services will list any lawyer who is willing to pay a fee.

These sites can be a good starting point to gather names and do some further investigation. Without that research and phone call with the attorney, it is dangerous to rely solely on an attorney referral service’s recommendation.

Most Iowa harassment attorneys offer a free initial consultation so you can see if that lawyer is the right fit for you. If you would like to schedule a free consultation with us, contact RSH Legal today.

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