5 Things You Shouldn’t Do After an Iowa Motorcycle Crash

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Posted by Pressley Henningsen

Motorcycle crashes can be traumatic events.  Less protection and visibility than other motor vehicles can mean riders are at risk for being seriously injured.  If you have been in an Iowa motorcycle accident, here are five things you shouldn’t do:

1. Leave the scene of the crash.

If you have been in a serious motorcycle crash, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to leave the scene of the accident without visiting the emergency room first.  However, if you can leave on your own, do not do so until a law enforcement officer says it’s okay to leave.  It’s important to stay on the scene if you are able to gather evidence and tell the law enforcement officer your side of the story.  It also might seem incriminating to leave the scene before you are dismissed.  If you are injured and need to be seen right away, have someone call 911 and take an ambulance to the hospital.

2. Go home without being seen by a doctor.

You may think you’re all right after a motorcycle accident, but some injuries don’t appear right away.  An injury like a traumatic brain injury or whiplash can take a while to develop, but have serious consequences.  Even if you don’t take an ambulance, go see a doctor as soon as possible after the crash.  Don’t assume any aches or pains you have are “normal” and will go away – they could actually get worse.

Also, if you delay treatment, the other driver’s insurance company could argue that you weren’t seriously injured, or that your injuries are pre-existing or caused by something other than the crash.

3. Leave the scene without gathering evidence.

If you are able, you should take as many pictures of the crash scene as possible.  You should try to get pictures of:

  • Your motorcycle on the ground where it landed
  • Any damage done to the motorcycle
  • Any damage done to the other vehicle
  • Your motorcycle’s head lamp
  • The direction you were riding when the crash occurred
  • The direction the other driver was heading when the crash occurred

If you are not able to do so because of your injuries, the law enforcement officer should have some pictures available.  However, it is always better to have your own photos of the scene.

4. Give a recorded statement to the other person’s insurance company.

After an accident, you may be shaken up or confused.  The insurance company will use that to their advantage and try to get you to say something that lets them off the hook for paying for your injuries.

What you need to focus on is seeing a doctor for any injuries and getting healthy – not giving a statement to an insurance adjuster.  If the other side’s insurance company reaches out to you, tell them you will not speak with them until after you are completely healed and you’ve spoken with an attorney.

5. Settle your case without talking with an Iowa motorcycle accident attorney.

It’s always a good idea to speak with an experienced bike accident lawyer before settling any serious personal injury claim.  Most initial consultations are free, and this meeting can give you important insight and information about your case.  It may be that you don’t need a lawyer to settle your claim – but it’s worth taking an hour of your time to find out.

If you have done some of these things, that’s okay.  We know that a motorcycle crash is a very stressful event and you can make mistakes.  You should still contact an attorney to see if they can help you. An experienced Iowa motorcycle accident lawyer may still be able to get you a fair settlement for your claim.

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