Who are you?

Hello, my name is Pressley. I have practiced law since 1996 and have been honored to represent many Iowa families in challenging and unique cases. I am passionate about being a trial lawyer.

For the first couple years of my practice, in a small, rural town, I worked on everything from estate work to boundary fence disputes. I am extremely grateful that I began in such a setting. It gave me a solid base of understanding about many kinds of cases.

While most cases still settle, you also need a lawyer who goes into the courtroom and tries jury trials. You might be surprised to find out there are not many lawyers who have tried significant wrongful death, paralysis, or complex medical malpractice cases. Maybe you will not have to go all the way to trial – but you may, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure you hire a trial lawyer.

How do you relate to your clients?

The importance of family helps all of us keep things in perspective – in both good times and tough times. My clients know this second part all too well. In addition, health and time are my client’s most valuable assets. I can relate to this truth. It never ceases to weigh on me – how much my clients are hurt by the actions of another.

This motivates me to do my best. I wish I could simply "fix" everything that has gone wrong. But I will not tell my clients things just to make them feel better. I tell it like it is. This means I will say things that some people do not want to hear. But I have found sugarcoating does not do my clients any good.

What motivates you?

Does anyone really like bullies? I sure don’t. I still cannot completely figure out why there seem to be so many of them if we all do not like them. Anyhow, I have always had an innate awareness of fairness and a strong dislike for those who take advantage of others. I consistently find myself fighting for those without much power.

This awareness has led to me to my true path. It has not been easy. I will not back down.

What are your challenges?

I am not always graceful. I also hate losing. I have offended when I should not have done so. I will keep learning. My greatest challenges have been learning how to operate in a world when so much seems to be geared toward holding my clients down. I do not feel alone, but I do feel we are outnumbered. In overcoming these challenges, I have done my best to find and recognize greatness in others and learn from them. I also am fortunate to work with so many skilled folks at RSH.

What is important to you?

My dream is that by the time this world is done with me I will be a good man. I hope that I will have helped people along the way. I hope that I am known and loved by my family. I want to be remembered as a warrior, as someone who stood up to those who tried to take advantage of others, hopefully moving us all toward something better.