Car Accident Victims Say “I’m Not the Type of Person to Sue”

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Posted by Ben Long

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Every year, thousands of people are badly injured or even killed in Iowa car accidents.  And every year, when these same car accident victims contact me, I hear the same thing: “I’m not the type of person to sue.”

Insurance Corporations Convince People Not to Sue Them

It makes me mad, and it should make you mad too.  Why?  Because the insurance companies have put that thought into your head.

Over the years, they have launched a smear campaign against lawsuits and the people who file them. They spend millions on advertising, favorable media coverage, lobbying, and other messaging.  They say your insurance premiums are rising because people are suing them left and right.  They are being driven out of business because of senseless lawsuits.  The only way to keep providing you with their services is to raise their prices. In reality, the top ten auto insurers in America were all founded between 1864 and 1936 and in 2014, the top ten collectively sold $134.7 billion in direct policy sales. The insurance industry is doing just fine.

Unfortunately, the majority of people out there believe them.  And so when you’re badly injured in a car crash, you feel guilty for even thinking about talking to a lawyer.

Car insurance companies love that sense of guilt.  They know through years of convincing, they’ve managed to turn you into “not the type to sue.”

Who is the “Type of Person to Sue?”

Any person who believes that “what is right is right.” Any person who is willing to put their foot down and tell insurance corporations that you will not put up with their tactics. At RSH Legal, we are not looking for the type of person who thinks a lawsuit is an easy path to free money – we are looking for the type of person that is willing to demand insurance corporations do what is right and fair.

Don’t Feel Guilty About Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit

You shouldn’t feel guilty for thinking about filing a lawsuit.  If you or your loved one has suffered injuries or death from a car accident, bringing a lawsuit against the driver at fault and the insurance corporation may be the only way to get fair compensation for medical bills and your pain and suffering.

Who Should File a Personal Injury Case?

We don’t take auto accident lawsuits lightly at RSH Legal.  There are certain criteria we have for accepting car accident cases:

  1. You must have at least $5000 in medical bills, or
  2. You must have been treated consistently for at least 5 months for your injuries related to the accident.

We have these criteria in place to save you money.  If your injury isn’t severe enough to meet our levels, it’s not likely we’ll recover enough money for it to make sense for you to work with us. There is no reason for you to need our services if you won’t ultimately recover enough to pay off your medical bills.  You will often be better off negotiating with the insurance corporation on your own for lesser injuries and damages.

These criteria also show you how serious we are about filing lawsuits.  We only file lawsuits to get compensation for you for your severe injuries, not to be frivolous or to coerce the insurance corporations to settle.

Don’t let the insurance corporations tell you you’re “not the type to sue.”  They’re just afraid you might win! If you have been injured in an auto accident, and have suffered loss of income and racked up medical bills, contact RSH Legal today.

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