Case Results

$5,650,000 – Verdict for Paralysis Caused by a Chiropractic Adjustment

63-year-old husband and father is paralyzed from the waist down after a chiropractor applies too much force while adjusting a bone in the patient’s upper low back

$9,000,000 – Construction Accident, Ironworker Suffered Neck Injury

Ironworker suffered a neck injury after being struck on the head by jackhammer left on a scaffolding at a construction site.  We argued the company that left the scaffolding out failed to follow its own safety policies and OSHA regulations.

$9,000,000 – Construction Accident – Wrongful death involving fall from scaffolding.

Construction Accident – Wrongful death involving fall from scaffolding.

$300,000 – Worker Was Injured in Gas Tank Explosion in Muscatine

Worker was injured in gas tank explosion when he was using a cutting torch to cut off a gas tank he allegedly knew had gas in it.

$275,000 – Head-On Auto Accident in Wapello County, Iowa

Head-on auto accident case where a woman had broken an ankle. Woman was accused of driving on the wrong side of the road.

$4,000,000 – Settlement for Wrongful Death Caused By Failure to Diagnose and Treat Spinal Meningitis

31-year-old wife and mother dies after multiple doctors fail to diagnose spinal meningitis despite significant symptoms and 3 trips to hospital. Our Personal Injury Attorneys challenged the medical facility and doctors for a wrongful death case that gave her family some financial security.

$4,000,000 – Settlement for Paralysis Following Sledding Crash – Personal Injury

37-year-old male suffered broken back and paralysis after falling on his sled into a rock-lined ditch placed at the bottom of a sledding hill. Others had been injured in the same ditch prior to client’s paralysis. He received a pay out from the personal injury case.

$2,000,000 – Verdict for Pre-death Pain and Suffering at Assisted Living Facility

82-year-old man with severe dementia was wrongfully retained in an assisted living facility rather than transferred to a higher level of care. Failure to provide proper care led to his fall, broken hip, and eventual death.

$74,370 – Stroke Survivor Approved for Social Security Disability Benefits After First Applying for Benefits in 2007

59-year-old man originally applied for Social Security Disability Benefits in December of 2007 after suffering a stroke in September of 2007. The stroke rendered him permanently injured and he had been denied disability benefits by the SSA multiple times. His case even went to federal district court. He and RSH Legal did not give up. After his third different Administrative Law Judge hearing he was approved for benefits. He was awarded $74,370 in past due disability benefits and ongoing monthly disability payments.

$22,627 – Chronically Ill Man Approved for Social Security Disability Benefits After Having Been Denied for More Than 2 Years

28-year-old man suffering from chronic pain requiring a spinal cord stimulator implant due to his severely deteriorated back, and permanent digestive system conditions requiring use of an ostomy bag the remainder of his life was approved after an Administrative Law Judge hearing. He received his back benefits owed to him by the SSA of $22,627. Since he has a minor child as well, his son also received back benefits from the SSA and both receive ongoing monthly payments.

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