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If you’re like most employed Iowans, you spend a lot of your time at work and take pride in what you do. With that being said, you likely expect respect and fair treatment at your place of employment as well. If you feel this isn’t the case, our attorneys may be able to help.

Unfortunately, we receive far too many calls from hardworking Iowans whose employers have fired or disciplined them for inaccurate or unfair reasons, whose co-workers or supervisors are harassing or abusing them, or whose employers are simply treating them unfairly. Too often, these employees believe they have no way of fighting back and do not seek legal help.

No matter where you work, we believe that you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace and that every employee should be able pursue their legal rights. Even though there is not always a legal action to remedy wrongdoing in the workplace, we are passionate about providing the individuals we represent with a way of fighting back — or, as we say it, fighting for fairness.

Our attorneys help working Iowans on a wide range of employment-related claims and lawsuits, such as:

General Discrimination
Disability Discrimination
FMLA or other leave violations
Wrongful termination
Whistle blowing
Unequal pay
Workplace slander / defamation
Contract Claims

If your employer has fired, abused or mistreated you in the workplace and you want to fight back, the experienced employment law attorneys at RSH Legal may be able to help you. Contact us and we will let you know, free of charge, if you have a case or matter worth pursuing.

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