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New Law Slashes Iowa Workers’ Compensation Benefits. To Find Out If This Affects Your Work Comp Case, Call Us Today.

Iowa Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Reveal What Insurance Corporations Don’t Want You to Know

If you are reading this, you’re probably looking for answers because you were injured at work and questioning if you need to hire an Iowa workers’ compensation attorney. Or you may be wondering if your employer’s workers compensation insurance corporation is treating you fairly. You may have read or heard about recent changes to Iowa workers’ compensation law and are wondering how those will affect you.

Injured workers often have questions like:

  • “Do I have to go to the company doctor?”
  • “Can they rush me back to work before I’m healed?”
  • “Do I really have to accept this small workers’ compensation settlement for a work injury that I will have to deal with for the rest of my life?”

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for the workers’ compensation insurance companies to take advantage of injured workers instead of paying settlements quickly and fairly. Every day our workers’ compensation attorneys get calls from people being pushed around and cheated because they didn’t understand their rights in the Iowa workers’ compensation system.

We don’t think that’s right – not morally, ethically or legally.

You can spend hours on the web looking at every piece of information you can find about Iowa Workers’ Compensation law, but you may still end up with unanswered questions about your situation.

That is why RSH Legal has created a free Iowa Workers’ Compensation claim evaluation process that we do over the telephone.

During this free 20-minute telephone call, you get a personalized, one-on-one case review with an experienced Iowa Workers’ Compensation attorney who will:

  • identify the important legal deadlines in Iowa that cannot be missed if you want compensation for your Workers’ Compensation injuries
  • recommend legal strategies for getting your medical bills paid while you are waiting for a settlement or verdict
  • instruct how to make sure your work-related injury is properly documented – so your employer can’t deny your claim because of lack of notice
  • give you an expert evaluation of whether you really need an attorney for your Workers’ Compensation claim.

Please be assured these calls are not sales pitches. Our case evaluations are a no-cost, no-obligation opportunity to get the essential information you need to make good decisions about your Iowa Workers’ Compensation claim.

Here are comments from injured workers who have received a free case evaluation from one of RSH Legal’s Iowa Workers’ Compensation attorneys:

Emily Anderson was easy to talk to and so helpful. Everything she did impressed me.”
Brandi Selberg, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Pressley Henningsen was helpful because he is intelligent and answered all my questions. When you need help, RSH Legal is there.”
Rob Frazier, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Tim Semelroth was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He talked to me at my level.”
Liza Pazour, Solon, Iowa

I needed to talk to someone who could tell me what my rights were. It was comforting to talk to John Riccolo because I knew someone was there to help so the insurance company couldn’t take advantage of me.”
Norman “Phil” Kelchen, Monticello, Iowa

Get a free case evaluation of your Iowa Workers’ Compensation claim by filling out the box on the right or calling our toll-free number: 1-800-433-0283.

There is no reason to wait to find out how to protect yourself.

Take care,

Testimonial from RSH Legal client

I felt very comfortable with Emily Anderson- she was very helpful. She knew what to do. Her legal aide was there to answer all my questions. I was stressed and worried but she kept me calm and walked me through everything. They are a great group of lawyers and I will gladly recommend them to others.
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