Dubuque is full of great biking opportunities for the whole family. The Heritage Trail provides a picturesque route from Dyersville to Dubuque. The Millwork District and Lower Main both offer shops and restaurants accessible by bike. Or maybe you enjoy just riding around the neighborhood.

Whether you’re a competitive road racer or just out for a family ride, it’s important to have the proper safety gear, including lights and a helmet.

Even with all the proper precautions in place, collisions and injuries still happen. If you or someone you love was seriously injured in a bicycle crash, you deserve to be compensated. RSH Legal has over 30 years of experience helping cyclists fight for fairness when they’ve been unfairly injured in a bike crash that wasn’t their fault.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Dubuque Bicycle Crash?

You might be wondering whether you need a lawyer for a Dubuque bike crash.

Proving Liability

Why might you need a lawyer? Well, first off, there’s this thing called “liability.” It’s a fancy word that means who’s at fault. In a bicycle crash, figuring out who’s at fault can be complicated. A lawyer knows how to do that. They also understand the legal jargon surrounding these cases.

Understanding Compensation

Next, there’s compensation. That’s money you might receive to cover things like medical bills or time off work. Figuring out the value of your damages can get tricky, but a lawyer knows how to sort out the details.

Collecting & Preserving Evidence

So, when might a Dubuque lawyer really help? Imagine someone is saying you caused the collision, but you know you didn’t. That’s what we call “disputed liability.” A lawyer can step in, gather evidence, and protect your rights.

Compensation For Lost Wages & Medical Bills

Or let’s say you were seriously injured in the crash. You could have medical bills piling up, and maybe you can’t work. A lawyer can fight for you to get the compensation you need.

Dealing With Insurance Companies

If you’ve ever tried to deal with an insurance company, you know it’s no picnic. They often want to pay as little as possible. A lawyer knows how to handle these tough negotiations and get you a fair deal.

Importance Of Experience

Now, not just any lawyer will do. You need a lawyer who knows about bike wrecks inside and out. Look at their track record – have they won similar cases? Do their clients have good things to say about them? That’s the kind of lawyer you need on your side. Protecting injured Iowans is all we do.

So, to wrap it up – yes, getting the right lawyer for a bike crash is a smart move. They can help make a tough situation a whole lot easier. If you think you might need a lawyer, why not give us a call for a free chat? We’re here to help!

What Can I Recover in a Dubuque Bicycle Accident Lawsuit?

“What can I recover in a bicycle accident lawsuit?” That’s a question we hear a lot in Dubuque, and for a good reason.

Let’s start by talking about damages, a legal term for the money you receive in a lawsuit. There are two main types: economic and non-economic.

Economic Damages

Economic damages cover things you can put a price tag on. For example, your medical bills, both the ones you’ve already incurred and the ones you might have in the future because of the collision. Or, if you’ve had to miss work, you can also recover your lost wages and even future earnings if you’re no longer able to work. And don’t forget about your bike! If it’s damaged or totaled, you can seek the money to replace it.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are a bit trickier because they cover things you can’t easily measure. Think about

pain and suffering, which could be anything from physical pain to emotional stress from the accident. Non-economic damages also include the lost function of your mind or body. If you have lost – even temporarily – your ability to use any part of your body, you may be able to recover for that loss.

Loss Of Consortium

Then there’s loss of consortium. This is a fancy phrase that relates to your spouse or children’s lost companionship because of your injuries.

Wrongful Death

But what if someone dies in a bike wreck? That’s where wrongful death claims come in. Families can be compensated for things like funeral costs, loss of financial support, and companionship.

Value Of Bicycle Accident Cases

What is your case worth? Well, as you’d expect from a lawyer, it depends. Factors like how badly you’re hurt, whether the other person was entirely at fault, whether you were partly at fault, and whether you’ll make a full physical recovery all come into play.

Specialized In Bicycle Accidents

Speaking of lawyers, we can’t stress enough how important it is to find one who specializes in handling cases like yours. A lawyer who knows bicycle accident law can fight to get you the most money possible.

What Do I Do if the Person Who Hit My Bike in Dubuque Fled the Scene?

Ever found yourself asking, “What do I do if the person who hit me fled the scene?” This is an incredibly challenging situation, but don’t worry; we’re here to guide you through it.

Get Safe, Get Medical Attention

Your first and foremost concern should be your safety. Get out of harm’s way and seek immediate medical attention if necessary. You might not feel the pain right away, but injuries can sneak up on you. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Call The Police

Then, it’s essential to call the police. When it comes to filing insurance claims or pursuing legal action, a detailed police report can make all the difference. Paint a vivid picture of the incident for the police – every tiny detail can be a clue leading to the hit-and-run driver. In Dubuque, we have traffic cameras all over the city. Often Dubuque’s police can track down a hit-and-run driver.

Document The Scene

It’s also crucial to document the scene. Photos can serve as undeniable proof, capturing details you may overlook. Don’t hesitate to ask for their contact details if there are any witnesses. They could be the missing link in identifying the driver.

Your Insurance May Help

If finding the culprit seems unlikely, you might think you’re out of luck. But there’s a lifeline: your own insurance policy. If you have “uninsured motorist coverage,” it could cover your losses in a hit and run – even on a bike. But you’ll need to navigate the complex claims process, and that’s where a seasoned lawyer can be your guiding star.

Your Lawyer Will Guide You

A lawyer isn’t a luxury in this situation; they’re a necessity. You’ll need someone who’s not just familiar but proficient with bicycle laws. They’ll not only guide you but also conduct their investigation, fight for your rights, and ensure you get the justice you deserve. We pride ourselves in being experts in this field, with a stellar track record of helping victims of hit-and-run accidents.

If you’re a bicyclist and the person who hit you took off, remember to prioritize your safety, get the police involved, collect all possible evidence, and team up with a skilled lawyer. We’re more than ready to stand by your side. If you’re facing this situation, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re here to fight for you.

RSH Legal Handles Bicycle Accident Cases in Dubuque & Across Iowa

If you or a family member have been seriously injured or disabled because of a bicycle accident that wasn’t your fault, you need to call RSH Legal. We’ll evaluate your case for free, and if we accept your case, you still

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