Does It Matter Whether Your Lawyer Has Ever Handled an Iowa Truck Accident Case?

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Posted by Ben Long

An Iowa truck accident case is usually a complex situation. After you’ve been hit by a semi-truck in Iowa, you may be suffering from severe injuries. It’s likely you’ll need an experienced truck accident attorney to help you get compensation for your injuries.

But why does it really matter whether you hire a lawyer that has specifically handled semi-truck crash claims before?

Iowa Semi-Truck Accident Cases are Complex

Not every Iowa attorney knows how to properly handle a semi-truck crash case. Many people, including some lawyers, believe truck accidents are simply larger automobile accidents and will treat them that way. This is a common mistake made by those attorneys who have little experience with truck accident claims.

Trucking accidents are very different from crashes between two smaller vehicles. Truck drivers are governed by federal and state trucking regulations, which are very different from the basic rules of the road. Failing to follow these regulations can have serious consequences that will affect your Iowa truck accident claim.

An experienced truck accident attorney must have up-to-date knowledge of these trucking regulations to fully understand how to litigate your case. Knowing if regulations were violated, and how that led to the crash, helps the attorney prove the truck driver was at fault.

Trucking Industry Experts Are Crucial For Your Iowa Truck Accident Case

Another reason why it’s important to hire an experienced Iowa semi-truck accident attorney is the issue of hiring semi-truck accident experts. Collecting and analyzing evidence to prove the truck driver was negligent is a complicated task. An attorney who has handled truck accident claims in the past understands that hiring an expert to interpret this evidence is vital. These experts can study the truck driver’s logs and trucking company records to see if regulations were violated.

An experienced truck accident lawyer probably has a list of experts to choose from. These contacts can be invaluable when an expert is needed for your claim.

Who Was Responsible For Your Tractor-Trailer Crash Injuries?

After a trucking accident, determining everyone responsible for the crash can be more complicated than you would think. There can be multiple parties that may be responsible for your injuries, including:

  • The driver of the semi-truck
  • The company that hired the truck driver
  • The company that owns the tractor
  • The company that performs maintenance on the truck

A qualified trucking attorney will investigate the roles of each party in the crash and determine who should be sued.

After a crash, the trucking company’s insurance adjusters will be fighting hard. It is their job to protect the insurance company’s money and pay you as little as possible.

An experienced Iowa trucking accident attorney will know how to deal with the insurance company. They will fight to get the compensation you deserve.

If you have been in a truck wreck, you need a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer to guide you. Call RSH Legal today at 1-319-774-1542 or learn more in our FREE Law Guide to Iowa Truck Accident Claims.

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