What is a Fair Settlement for an Iowa Car Accident?

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Posted by Tim Semelroth

If you have been injured in a car accident in Iowa, and there is no question that the other driver was at fault, the other driver’s insurance company will likely push you to settle your case quickly.  There are a few things you should consider before settling your Iowa car crash case:

Every Iowa Car Accident Claim is Different

Every case is different, and there are many factors in determining a fair settlement for a car crash claim.  Some of these factors include:

  • Your medical bills
  • Whether you had any lost earnings due to time off of work because of your accident
  • Any damaged property, including your vehicle and anything else destroyed during the crash
  • The extent of your pain and suffering
  • Any long-term disabilities or impairments you might have because of the car accident.

No Personal Injury Attorney Can Give You a Specific Settlement Dollar Amount

Be wary of any attorney who says they can get you a specific dollar amount for your case at your first meeting.  No attorney can tell you exactly how much your case is worth without a review of your records and bills.  There are simply too many important factors in an Iowa car accident claim to be that precise.

However, an attorney can determine an estimate on what your case is worth if you give them time to do the necessary research.  A car accident lawyer can use their experience to calculate a fair settlement amount based on factors specific to your claim.  They will review your medical records, consult experts, and do legal research to create an informed estimate.

Gathering Evidence is Important to Your Iowa Car Accident Case

The other driver’s insurance company won’t offer you a fair settlement just because you say you were hurt in the crash.  They need proof of your injuries.  There are a couple of ways you can get this proof:

  1. Through your medical records – these records serve as important proof of your injuries. Your attorney will likely tell you to keep treating your injuries until you’re healed.  Your medical records will provide documentation of your injuries and make it tough for the insurance company to lowball you during settlement negotiations.
  2. Through a diary – in this diary, you should record your daily levels of pain and any setbacks you may have while healing.

Know When to Settle Your Iowa Car Accident Claim

Knowing when to settle your case is also an important part in negotiating a fair settlement.  If you settle your case before you’re completely healed, you will be on the hook for any medical bills that come up after you sign settlement paperwork.  If your settlement isn’t enough to cover these bills, then you will be paying out of pocket.

That’s another reason why your lawyer will tell you to continue treat for your injuries until you’re completely healed, or as healed as your doctor says you will get.  This will make sure all your medical bills get factored into the settlement amount that you accept.

Settling Your Car Accident Claim on Your Own: A Warning

Don’t settle your claim on your own before talking with a personal injury attorney.  Most initial consultations are free, and you can get advice about your case from an experienced Iowa car accident lawyer.  Reviewing your claim with an attorney can help you decide if you need a lawyer’s help or if you can settle your claim on your own.

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