Would a Good Iowa Auto Accident Attorney Take Your Case?

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Posted by Tim Semelroth

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It may surprise you to know that a reputable auto accident attorney will politely turn down the majority of people who contact them for a personal injury case.

RSH Legal has over 1,000 people calling each year asking us to represent them. We decline the majority of those requests because we are committed to providing personal, careful attention to seriously injured people with legitimate personal injury cases. We couldn’t provide quality legal services if we took every case that came through the door.

Here are some things you should know before you call our personal injury attorneys for a free evaluation.

Car Accident Cases We Rarely Accept:

  • Cases where you were charged with a traffic violation – (other than failure to provide proof of insurance or failing to wearing a seatbelt)
    We know law enforcement can be wrong. However, if the investigating officer who saw the accident scene and talked to the witnesses decides that you were at fault and the other driver was not, we will not represent you.
  • Cases involving no property damage – We know it is scientifically possible for a collision to injure a vehicle’s passenger without causing visible damage to the vehicle itself. But we also know from experience that Iowa juries have a hard time believing a minor impact can cause a serious injury. Because of this, we generally avoid taking these kinds of auto accident cases.
  • Cases involving injuries that did not cause at least $5,000 in medical bills – If a car accident injury is not severe enough to cause at least $5,000 in medical treatment, RSH Legal probably will not recover enough money through either a settlement or a jury verdict to justify asking you to pay us a 33 1/3% attorney fee. People in that situation will often be better off negotiating with the other driver’s insurance on their own.
  • Cases that have already been filed – If your case has already been filed by another attorney or by you on your own, we cannot represent you. Your case is likely governed by court deadlines that we will have a difficult time satisfying while still serving our other clients.

Car Accident Injury Cases We Do Accept:

We generally accept Iowa car accident cases where the other driver was at fault for the crash, the crash caused significant damage to the vehicles involved, and the crash caused at least one of the following:

  • Injuries that can be seen on X-ray, CT or MRI (for example: broken bones, herniated spinal discs or brain lesions)
  • Injuries that require significant medical treatment like surgery or injections
  • Injuries that doctors say will require ongoing medical treatment
  • Injuries that require you to take medical leave from your job for more than two weeks
  • Death of the driver or a passenger

Being Selective Helps Attorneys Stay Focused on Clients

As you can see, we are very selective about the auto accident cases that we accept.  We limit ourselves to certain cases that meet our requirements for good reason.  In doing so, we can fully focus on each client and devote ourselves to getting them fair compensation for their personal injury.

If you believe that your Iowa car accident case qualifies but want to know for sure, call us today at 1-319-519-4193  and request a free case evaluation.

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