What Does the Latest Shoulder Injury Ruling Mean For Iowa’s Injured Workers?

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Posted by Emily Anderson

In July of 2017, workers’ compensation law changed dramatically for Iowans who suffered a shoulder injury at work. The law was designed to limit benefits to injured workers who had shoulder injuries. However, recently the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commission issued an initial decision specifically defining what the shoulder is and what the shoulder isn’t.

More specifically, this decision indicates that whether you have a shoulder injury depends on which specific tendons and ligaments in your shoulder were injured.

It’s important to remember this decision is not a final decision and will be appealed. Appellate courts will have to decide specifically what a shoulder injury is.

Scheduled Member vs. Body as a Whole Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Depending on what the courts decide and what part of your shoulder region is injured, you could receive either “scheduled member” injury benefits or “body as a whole” benefits. This could mean a difference of thousands of dollars in work comp benefits for your claim.

You should not trust any workers’ compensation insurance company in determining if you have a shoulder injury. The insurance company will try to limit the amount of benefits you are entitled to. They may claim that you have injured your shoulder, which means less benefits for you – when in reality you may have actually injured a part of your body which would entitle you to more compensation.

Contact an Experienced Iowa Work Comp Lawyer With Questions

If you have injured any part of your shoulder region, and you have a question about whether you have an injury that entitles you to more benefits than what the insurance company is telling you, you should contact an experienced Iowa workers’ compensation attorney to discuss the specific facts of your case.

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