The Most Important Thing to Do After Your Child Was Hurt in a School Bus Accident in Iowa

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Posted by Tim Semelroth

There may be no worse call to receive as a parent than finding out that your child was involved in a serious crash. It can be even worse when you thought your child was safely on his or her way to school. For those reasons, it can be hard to think straight when you hear that your child was involved in a school bus crash.

Why are Iowa School Bus Crashes So Dangerous?

School bus crashes can be particularly dangerous because many school buses do not have seatbelts for their passengers and because buses are more likely to overturn if hit from the side. Because you probably were not present when the school bus accident occurred, you usually start out with more questions than answers.  

Because your immediate concern is the health of your child, it is easy to look past questions about who caused the bus crash and who is responsible for the damages it caused. What makes school bus accidents more complicated than a typical car crash is that your child was an innocent passenger, and the crash could be the fault of the school bus driver or the other driver.

Just because those questions of fault are not as urgent as getting your child necessary medical treatment, those questions do need to be answered if you will eventually want a fair settlement for your child’s injuries.

A skilled Iowa bus accident lawyer can get answers to these questions. Picking an attorney for your claim could be the most important decision you make to get justice for your child after they’ve been hurt.

Why Hiring an Experienced Iowa Personal Injury Lawyer is the Most Important Decision You Could Make

If your child suffered a serious injury in a school bus crash, you should strongly consider letting an expert do the investigation for you. An experienced Iowa bus crash attorney knows that there is important evidence like traffic camera footage and vehicle maintenance records that will not be preserved if someone doesn’t make the effort to track it down. 

If the school bus driver was at fault, it is important to research whether the school district properly vetted its drivers before putting them behind the wheel.

If the other driver was at fault, it is important to interview any eyewitnesses and put the other driver’s auto insurance company on notice of your claim.

You don’t want to be worrying about all these legal steps when your focus should be on helping your child recover from accident-related injuries.

After a child has been injured by another person’s fault, the parent’s job is to make sure that all the harms caused – both physical and mental – are being addressed by medical professionals. This not only helps your child heal, but it also creates a paper trail that proves the extent of your child’s injuries to the responsible insurance company.

Let an experienced Iowa bus accident lawyer handle the investigation and deal with the insurance companies.

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