Risky Behaviors Behind the Wheel Lead to Personal Injury Cases

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Posted by Ben Long

Image of man texting and driving

If you believe the majority of drivers out there are being unsafe while driving, you’re right.  Over 85 percent of drivers have engaged in risky behaviors while behind the wheel according to a study done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.  Our office sees personal injury cases every year involving people who have been hit by distracted or impaired drivers.  It is all too common for drivers to be talking on the phone or sending a text instead of paying attention to the road.

Texting and Driving Can Have Disastrous Consequences

It seems like common sense not to text and drive, but we take on auto accident cases every year from those struck by someone who had their eyes on the phone instead of the road.  The consequences of reading or sending a text while driving can be disastrous.  Taking your eyes (and focus) off of the road for even a few seconds can endanger you and other vehicles.

Studies show drivers frequently underestimate the time their eyes are diverted from the road to check a text message. That phone call or text can wait until you are safely parked.

Drowsy Driving is a Dangerous Idea

Distracted driving is not the only type of risky behavior that can cause accidents.  Drowsy driving has become a common cause of auto accidents in Iowa.  One in three drivers has driven drowsy in the past 30 days, according to the same study.  People who drive while drowsy risk falling asleep and drifting into traffic or crashing into other vehicles.  If you feel like you’re falling asleep at the wheel, pull over immediately.  Don’t risk hurting yourself or others by driving if you’re that tired.

Of course, it’s a slippery slope from driving distracted or drowsy to speeding, running red lights, or not wearing a seatbelt.  Many studies show that those who engage in one type of risky behavior while driving will often commit additional dangerous behaviors.  The likelihood of these behaviors resulting in tragedy is, sadly, a frequent occurrence, and needs to be avoided by all drivers.

Truck Drivers Can Be Distracted Too

It’s not just those in personal vehicles that are making the roads less safe.  Semi-truck drivers also drive while distracted.  Because of the sheer size and weight of a semi, a truck accident can be far more catastrophic than an ordinary car crash.  Inattentive semi-truck drivers can cause serious injury or death to anyone they crash into.

Because they drive for a living, we expect semi-truck drivers to be awake and aware when they are driving.  Drivers are often under pressure from their companies to hurry loads to their destinations.  As a result, truckers will speed or go without sleep to get to where they’re going on time.  This is dangerous for every driver on the road and can have serious consequences.

Auto accidents are often the result of distracted driving.  If you are struck by a driver you think was distracted behind the wheel, call us at 319-519-4193 and we will answer any questions you have about your personal injury case. You can also download our free Law Guide to Iowa Car Accident Claims by filling out the form on this page.  This guide will show you how to protect yourself after a car accident.

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