How Your Social Media Posts Can Affect Auto Injury Claims

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Posted by Tim Semelroth

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Social media has become an increasingly popular way to stay in touch and keep people informed after an accident or illness. Be forewarned that sharing too much on social media can give auto insurance companies ammunition to low ball or outright deny your personal injury claim.  Social media accounts that insurance companies often monitor include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

They’re doing this to avoid paying on your legitimate car accident injury claim, and you should never underestimate the intelligence they have at their disposal, even if your privacy settings are tight.

Here’s how they’re getting into your social media:

Auto Insurance Companies Think Your Private Life Should Be Public

Car insurance representatives are locating your profile on Facebook or other social media sites.  They view all your posts and photos, looking for evidence of anything they can use against you in your auto accident claim. This can include drug and alcohol use, or proof of marital infidelity.

They can even use photos of you enjoying yourself on vacation or with friends and family after you’ve been injured in an accident. They may try to prove that your pain and suffering is not serious or life-changing, and so you don’t need to be compensated for your injuries.

There’s nothing the insurance industry won’t do to pay you less than what you’re entitled.

Your Privacy Settings Won’t Help You Outsmart the Insurance Companies

You might think you’re safe if you are using high privacy settings on your accounts.

That’s not true.

Some auto insurance corporations are hiring people to “friend” you. They’re hoping to get access to your private information. These hired people will add you to their friend list and then snoop through your profile. Anything they find on your profile is fodder for the insurance companies to low-ball you in your auto accident claim.

Courts Can Demand You Turn Over Social Media Information

Even if you have privacy settings on your social media accounts AND refuse to accept friend requests from people you don’t know, the auto insurance industry can still get access to this information.

Insurance corporations are seeking court orders for social media information after a lawsuit is filed.  And some courts around the country are actually granting these requests!  They say nothing posted on Facebook or other social media sites is really “private.”

Terrible, right?

This is the latest proof that the auto insurance industry will stop at nothing to avoid paying fair compensation for personal injury claims. You, and the rest of the public, need to know that insurance corporations will start snooping through your social media accounts if you are injured in a car accident in Iowa.  Make sure you are not falling victim to their sleazy tactics.

Do Not Delete Your Social Media Posts

If you have posted anything that you think might harm your car accident claim, don’t panic.  Do not try to deal with this on your own by deleting social media posts or shutting down an existing social media account.  Courts will view actions like this as destroying evidence and it could potentially harm your case.

There are specific steps you should take to protect yourself from this kind of intrusion after your car accident. We can help you navigate those steps safely. To get help, please call us today at 1-319-519-4193.

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