Can I Go on Vacation After Being Hurt on the Job in Iowa?

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Posted by Emily Anderson

Vacation is something everyone looks forward to.  You may have been getting ready for some time off then suddenly you get hurt at work. So is it still a good idea to take your vacation?

Taking your Vacation After Being Injured at Work

Whether or not you should take your vacation after being hurt on the job depends on your situation and your injury.  If you are weighing whether or not you should take your vacation; consider the following:

1. Are you able to attend all of your regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments?

Your most important job after suffering a work injury is to be a good patient.  That means going to all of your regularly scheduled doctor’s appointments and physical therapy appointments.  If your vacation will get in the way of this, consider rescheduling it.

2. Keep your restrictions in mind during vacation.

After your work injury, a doctor may have given you certain restrictions.  These restrictions could include how much you can move a body part or how much you can lift.  While on vacation, it’s essential you do not ignore these restrictions.  Doing so could put you at risk for re-injury.  It could also endanger your Iowa work comp claim.

For example: if your doctor doesn’t want you lifting anything above 20 pounds, make sure you’re not lifting a suitcase.  If you aren’t supposed to bring your arm above your head, don’t play volleyball or basketball.  It may be difficult to remember not to do these things, but it’s important to protect your claim – and your body.

3.  A private investigator may be watching you.

It sounds like something from a TV show or a spy movie, but the work comp insurance company will often hire an investigator to watch you.  This investigator may be looking for proof that you are not as injured as you claim.  It’s not likely a private investigator is going to get on a plane and fly to your vacation destination to watch you; however, if you are staying local, you may be subject to surveillance.

On vacation, it’s easy for an injured worker to forget about their restrictions.  An investigator may be keeping a close eye on you for any proof you violated those restrictions.  With this proof, the work comp insurance company can argue for a lower settlement than you may deserve – or refuse to pay for your work injury at all.

4.  Social media can be a big problem.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms are popular places to post vacation pictures.  Although your Iowa work comp attorney has already warned you about posting on social media during your claim, your family or friends may not be so careful.  The work comp insurance company likely has someone monitoring the social media accounts of you and your loved ones. You should ask friends and family not to post any images or video of you while on vacation.

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