Doesn’t the Other Driver’s Insurance Have to Pay the Accident Victim’s Medical Bills?

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Posted by Tim Semelroth

If you have been in a car crash where the other driver was at fault, you may think that the other driver’s insurance company must immediately start paying your medical bills.

Unfortunately, this is not true. The other driver’s insurance company does not legally have to pay any of the accident victim’s medical bills until ordered to do so by a judge after a trial. This is true even if the other driver was ticketed for your crash.

Insurance Companies Generally Only Write One Check

Most auto insurance companies will not pay your medical expenses until you are ready to settle your whole case. In other words, the other driver’s insurance will typically write only one settlement check for your injury claim. This check must cover everything –the accident victim’s medical bills (both past and future), pain and suffering damages, and lost wages. The only way you will receive this check is if you sign settlement paperwork that ends your case once and for all.

This is why the other driver’s insurance company usually pushes for a quick settlement – it doesn’t want to pay for problems you may have in the future because of the crash. Once you sign that settlement paperwork, it is off the hook for any future medical bills or other compensation you may need.

Don’t Let Your Medical Bills Go Unpaid

Insurance companies know that you may feel pressure to settle your case because of medical bills. This is one of the tactics used to trick you into settling your case quickly and for less than you deserve. You need to look for other options to pay your medical bills until you are ready to settle your case for good. In the short term, we recommend that you submit your medical bills to:

  • Your own health insurance company; or
  • Auto insurance policy (if you have medical payment coverage); or
  • Employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company (if the crash occurred while you were working)

An accident victim’s medical bills should not go unpaid when another health or auto insurance policy will pay them. We can always reimburse your insurance company after you receive your settlement.

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