Choosing the Right Iowa Workers’ Comp Attorney

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Posted by Corey Luedeman

Attention! Iowa’s Workers’ Compensation laws changed July 1, 2017. This article’s information may be out of date. Visit our Workers’ Compensation Page for more information.

Picking the right attorney for your Iowa workers’ compensation claim can feel like it’s impossible.  However, there are ways you can be confident you made the right choice.

For starters, it doesn’t have to be a long and arduous task, so here are 3 ways to get started:

1. Ask attorneys you know for their recommendations on a workers comp lawyer.  Word of mouth is one of the best ways for any service provider to find new clients.  You obviously don’t get new clients by word of mouth if your services are terrible.  Maybe you know a real estate attorney, a business lawyer, a family friend or an acquaintance.  Those are all great places to start.

2. Now that you have three or four recommendations jotted down, set those aside and sit down at your computer.   Do a Google search for “Iowa Workers Compensation Attorney/s”.  Don’t use broad or vague terms, because you will end up wasting your time with untargeted results or news items.

Make sure Iowa is part of the phrase you type into the Google search bar. What you are looking for is an attorney with information on their website that you can review.  You want to see that they are experts in Iowa Workers’ Compensation law and that they specialize in this niche.  At this point, you are looking for information you can review at your own pace.

Notice I didn’t say to find the attorney with the big ad in the phone book? Your job here is not to get sold on an attorney just by their website, but to get information and narrow down the ones you want to consult.  If the attorney has no information on his website and asks you to simply come in, skip to the next one.

3. Now that you have 10-12 names, narrow it down to 5 at most.  Your criteria here is based on the materials you’ve reviewed from the attorneys you have researched.  Once you have your shortened list of 5 law firms or attorneys, you can schedule meetings with them.

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