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Iowa Chiropractor Medical Malpractice: What You Need to Know

Chiropractic treatment is a form of alternative health care that uses manual therapy to alleviate pain, discomfort, and other symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders. Despite adequate training and licensing, there are cases of Chiropractor medical malpractice. While chiropractors undergo extensive training and education to become licensed practitioners, they are not immune to making mistakes. Chiropractic malpractice …


How Should You Handle the Insurance Adjuster After an Iowa Car Accident?

2 / 2 You might get a call from the other party’s car insurance adjuster if you’ve suffered injuries in an Iowa car accident. Before you decide whether or not to speak with them, you need to know how to protect your rights. What’s most important to realize is that the insurance adjuster works for …


When Is a Birth Injury Considered Medical Malpractice in Iowa?

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare – a joyous day of birth for their child that turns into a frightening and terrible experience. Or maybe your child’s birth seemed to happen without issue – but they begin missing key developmental milestones as they grow older. Either way, you suspect that something went wrong during your child’s …


How to File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Without a Lawyer in Iowa

Legally, you are allowed to file a medical malpractice lawsuit in Iowa without obtaining an attorney. But before you do so, you need to make sure that’s a good idea for your Iowa medical malpractice claim. What You Could Lose if You Represent Yourself in a Medical Malpractice Claim Most medical malpractice victims that we …

What Types of Future Medical Expenses Can I Pursue in an Iowa Injury Claim?

After an accident in Iowa where you were seriously injured because of someone else’s fault, a significant part of any settlement is usually past and future medical expenses. Iowa law says you can ask for any “reasonable and necessary” future health care expenses when you settle your case. But how can you know what “reasonable …


How to Get Your Bills Paid in an Iowa Medical Malpractice Settlement

If you have been seriously hurt by a doctor or other medical professional in Iowa, receiving damages for your injuries is the way the civil court system can get you justice for your harms and losses. However, before you can receive compensation, you must prove that medical malpractice occurred. This may be more complicated than …


Out-Of-Pocket Costs You Might Have to Pay After an Iowa Car Accident – and How to Be Reimbursed in Your Settlement

After a serious car crash in Iowa, you may be required to pay some of your expenses out-of-pocket, especially right after the crash. While they might not be as much as your medical bills or lost wages, out-of-pocket costs can quickly add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. What Sort of Out-Of-Pocket Costs …


Why Won’t You Take My Iowa Medical Malpractice Case?

We get thousands of phone calls and website requests each year from people who feel they have an Iowa medical malpractice case. While we agree there’s no excuse for shoddy medical care, unfortunately not all bad medical care qualifies as medical malpractice in Iowa. To be considered medical malpractice in Iowa, there needs to be …


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