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How Should You Handle the Insurance Adjuster After an Iowa Car Accident?

2 / 2 You might get a call from the other party’s car insurance adjuster if you’ve suffered injuries in an Iowa car accident. Before you decide whether or not to speak with them, you need to know how to protect your rights. What’s most important to realize is that the insurance adjuster works for …


Can I Claim Compensation for Mental Health After a Car Accident in Iowa?

Car accidents cause more than just physical injuries—they can also cause mental health injuries like depression, anxiety, and in some instances Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (also known as PTSD).  Mental Health Conditions after an Iowa Car Crash Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people in car crashes to suffer chronic pain from their injuries.  According to …


Why You Will Likely Get a Low-Ball Offer When You Try to Negotiate Your Own Iowa Car Accident Settlement

You or someone you love was injured in a car accident in Iowa. The other driver’s fault is clear. The crash caused injuries that were immediately diagnosed and treated. The other driver’s insurance company has reached out to you and seems very friendly and helpful. You decide that this situation is so cut and dried …


Out-Of-Pocket Costs You Might Have to Pay After an Iowa Car Accident – and How to Be Reimbursed in Your Settlement

After a serious car crash in Iowa, you may be required to pay some of your expenses out-of-pocket, especially right after the crash. While they might not be as much as your medical bills or lost wages, out-of-pocket costs can quickly add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. What Sort of Out-Of-Pocket Costs …


When Should I Provide Medical Records to the Insurance Company After an Iowa Car Accident?

If you have been in a serious car accident in Iowa, you may have been in contact with the other driver’s insurance company. They may have asked you to sign some paperwork, including a medical release form. Don’t Sign Paperwork Before Reading This Before you sign any papers, you need to know that the other …


Should You Submit Your Medical Bills to Your Health Insurance After a Serious Iowa Car Crash?

After a serious Iowa car accident, it’s likely you had to go to the hospital or see your doctor for your injuries. You may be wondering if you should submit those medical bills to your own health insurance. Most people are surprised to learn that you should submit your crash-related medical bills to your health …


Should You Use the Insurance Company’s Preferred Body Shops After an Iowa Car Accident?

Most Iowa car insurance companies have a “preferred” or “approve” body shop they have entered into an agreement with to make repairs to vehicles after a crash. You have the option of having your car fixed by the preferred shop or a body shop you choose.  There are pros and cons to both.   Upsides to …


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