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How to Get Your Bills Paid in an Iowa Medical Malpractice Settlement

If you have been seriously hurt by a doctor or other medical professional in Iowa, receiving damages for your injuries is the way the civil court system can get you justice for your harms and losses. However, before you can receive compensation, you must prove that medical malpractice occurred. This may be more complicated than …


Why Won’t You Take My Iowa Medical Malpractice Case?

We get thousands of phone calls and website requests each year from people who feel they have an Iowa medical malpractice case. While we agree there’s no excuse for shoddy medical care, unfortunately not all bad medical care qualifies as medical malpractice in Iowa. To be considered medical malpractice in Iowa, there needs to be …


Can I Sue the VA in Iowa for Medical Malpractice?

One way that America honors our veterans is to give them health care through Veterans Affairs medical facilities. VA Medical Centers provide a wide range of medical treatments and services, including surgery, physical therapy, and critical care – and many veterans take advantage of these health care services. Unfortunately, VA hospitals are no different than …


What Are the Odds of Winning an Iowa Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

You may be curious about your odds of winning a medical malpractice claim in Iowa. If you talk to attorneys about these cases, you’ll hear that well over 90% of these cases across the country result in the defense winning. That’s about the same in Iowa as well. While that isn’t our record, you need …


Why Do I Need Expert Witnesses for My Iowa Medical Malpractice Claim?

Your Iowa medical malpractice attorney may have told you they will need to hire expert witnesses to prove your case. But why would you need these expert witnesses? Iowa Medical Malpractice Cases Are Difficult to Prove Medical malpractice is a difficult thing to prove under Iowa law. No Iowa malpractice attorney can say that medical …


My Iowa Doctor Made a Mistake During My Surgery. What Should I Do?

Serious surgical errors are some of the most common mistakes that Iowa doctors can make.  Over 4,000 of these errors are estimated to occur each year – to the detriment of patient health. There is always a risk of injury during a medical procedure – you usually sign a form before surgery that states you understand there …


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