How to Choose the Best Lawyer for Your Iowa Brain Injury Case

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Posted by Pressley Henningsen

Whether it was you or a loved one who suffered a brain injury because of someone else’s fault, you may decide it’s time to seek a lawyer.  With over 9,000 attorneys licensed to practice law in Iowa, how do you know which attorney is right for you?

Here is a step-by-step list that will help you find the best Iowa brain injury attorney for your case:

1. Create a list of Iowa attorneys that handle brain injury cases.

Brain injury law is constantly changing.  This is mostly due to medical improvements and social awareness of brain injuries.  You need a personal injury attorney who stays up-to-date on the latest medical treatments and trends for these types of injuries.  We recommend hiring an attorney who regularly attends conferences on brain injuries and seeks out new information.

You may know a lawyer, but it’s unlikely you know one who handles serious brain injury cases.  Although they are unlikely to handle these types of personal injury claims themselves, they probably know some attorneys who do.  Ask for a list of attorneys who handle your type of case.

If you do not know any lawyers, you can do an Internet search for “Iowa brain injury attorney.”  This should give you some ideas on which Iowa attorneys handle these types of cases.  Write down a few names from your search, including their contact information.

2. Call the attorneys on your list and ask for written information.

Once you have assembled a list of attorneys, contact each one and ask for any written information they have about brain injuries.  It’s important to be able to review this information on your own time, without the pressure of signing paperwork, until you are ready to ask the right questions.  This will also tell you whether or not the attorney handles brain injury cases as a specialty.

If the attorney does not have written information for you to review, or they want you to come into the office to receive it, you should look elsewhere.  At this point, you are just collecting information – not trying to sign paperwork or make any commitments.

Once you receive the written information, read it.  It may answer some of the questions you have, or bring up other questions you didn’t have before.  It should also help you narrow down your list of attorneys to 3 or 4 at most.

3. Arrange in-person interviews with your list of attorneys.

Call each of the attorneys and schedule an appointment for a face-to-face meeting.  There is no substitute for sitting down with someone to see if they’re a good fit for your case.  You need to be comfortable with an attorney you hire, as they may need to ask you some sensitive questions.

In addition, the attorney you choose should be able to answer any questions you have about the brain injury case process and your role in filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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