Case Results

Truck Accidents Case Results

$1,610,209 – Verdict for Disabling Injuries Caused by Truck Driver Running Stop Sign

42-year-old driver suffers fractures of pelvis, tailbone and upper back when a semi-truck driver runs a stop sign and causes crash; the resulting physical limitations combine with severe depression to result in permanent disability.

$400,000 – Settlement for Closed-Head Injuries and Facial Fractures

Three tractor-trailers collide in winter driving conditions causing 40-year-old driver to suffer broken facial bones and a closed head injury.

$336,000 – Settlement for Parents of Adult Daughter Killed in Semi Pile-up

42-year-old woman killed in a multi-vehicle pile-up involving numerous semis on the interstate in a snow storm. Parents recovered for the loss of the loving relationship with their adult daughter.

$155,000 – Settlement with Negligent Driver Who Failed to Secure Trailer Load

60-year-old driver suffers neck and back injuries after her car is struck by railroad ties falling off of the trailer; truck driver failed to properly secure trailer load.

$121,365 – Verdict for Wrongful Death of Nine-Year-Old Due to Semi-Bicycle Collision

9-year-old girl riding a bicycle on highway is run down and killed by a semi-truck driver; jury finds semi driver 65% at fault for collision

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