Case Results

Workers Compensation Case Results

Tim Semelroth's Case Results

$1,149,238 – Settlement for Death of Worker Due to Chemical Exposure in Workplace

49-year-old railroad car worker is killed after entering a tank car filled with nitrogen; owner of car had failed to properly inspect or mark tank car before sending it in for repairs

$600,000 – Settlement for Disability Due to Crushing Injuries from Trench Collapse

35-year-old plumber suffers multiple fractures after being crushed from waist down in trench collapse; those in control of construction site had not informed plumber he was working in abandoned septic field

$330,000 – Settlement after Permanent Total Award for Disabling Back Injury and Depression

28-year-old delivery truck driver suffers disc herniation while lifting a keg on the job resulting in permanent lifting restrictions and an aggravation of a disabling major depressive disorder

$95,742 – Award for Daily Services Provided by Spouse to Injured Worker

After worker is paralyzed on the job, his wife, a certified nurse’s aide, provides daily home health care; after a hearing, workers compensation commissioner orders that wife be paid at reasonable rate for her daily services

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