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Iowa Attorneys Answer Your Legal Questions about COVID-19

1. What is the Protocol for Testing Iowa Nursing Home Residents for COVID-19 Symptoms? Nursing homes have always been required to evaluate their residents for any sort of respiratory problem. Obviously, under the circumstances of this pandemic, their responsibilities are higher. They have to test anybody who qualifies under those tests. The standards for how …


3 Costly Mistakes That Can Harm Your Iowa Workplace Harassment Claim

As an employee, you have rights If you feel you are being harassed at work.  However, too many Iowans end up harming their harassment claims because they make critical mistakes.  Below are three mistakes you should avoid if you wish to pursue a harassment claim in Iowa. Mistake 1: Failing to report the workplace harassment …


The Absolute Wrong Way to Pick an Attorney For Your Iowa Wrongful Termination Case

Hiring an Iowa employment law attorney to represent you if you have been fired is an important decision with real consequences.  You need an experienced Iowa termination lawyer to fight for fairness for you. The wrong way to pick an attorney is to make a quick decision based on convenience or guesswork. Here are a …


I Think I Was Wrongfully Terminated From My Job in Iowa. Do I Have a Case?

Each year, RSH Legal receives calls from individuals who tell us they believe they were fired for a reason that is “wrong” or “unfair” and they want to pursue legal action against their former employer.  The question is:  do they actually have a wrongful termination claim? What Does Wrongful Termination Mean? Often, these people are …


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