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Have you or a family member been in a car crash in Dubuque or the surrounding area? If so, you are in the right place.

RSH Legal has represented victims of Dubuque car accidents for over 30 years. Our attorneys have obtained substantial recoveries for Dubuquers and people all across Iowa. We can help you recover the money you deserve.

Living in Dubuque, Iowa means navigating unique traffic, whether it’s running errands on the Northwest Arterial, enjoying the Millwork district, or crossing the Mississippi River on the Julien Dubuque Bridge.

Dubuque’s roadways are filled with locals and tourists. We have everything from quiet residential areas to bustling commercial centers. Our city is connected by a network of roads that follow the contours of the city’s unique topography, including plenty of one-way streets.

With this diverse and dynamic traffic landscape comes the need for utmost diligence on the road. Unfortunately, collisions still occur.

If you want an expert in Dubuque car accidents, call RSH Legal today.

How Long Can I Wait to Bring a Claim After a Car Accident in Dubuque? Don’t Delay Your Justice

In the wake of a car crash, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But amid the turmoil, there’s one crucial aspect you can’t afford to overlook: the legal timeline for taking action.

Understanding the concept of the ‘Statute of Limitations’ isn’t just important—it’s absolutely essential for securing the justice you deserve.

The Statute of Limitations sets a ticking clock on your opportunity to file a lawsuit. If you miss the deadline, your case is gone forever.

In Iowa, the Statute of Limitations for a car wreck involving personal injury is two years from the date of the crash. Don’t wait to hire the right lawyer; you could miss your opportunity to receive justice.

There are unique exceptions to this strict deadline, for instance when minor children are injured. Don’t risk it. Call RSH Legal immediately to ensure you’re protected from the passage of time.

Missing the deadline carries severe consequences, generally resulting in a total loss of your right to sue or receive a settlement. This isn’t just about following rules; it’s about ensuring you can hold those responsible accountable. And don’t be mistaken—time is of the essence, even beyond meeting legal deadlines. Early action ensures fresh evidence, solid eyewitness testimony, and ample time for thorough lawsuit preparation. Justice is not just about the destination; it’s about the journey to get there.

This is where a skilled Dubuque attorney comes in. Having a knowledgeable lawyer isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. A lawyer who works in this area of the law can serve as your guide, your advocate, and your lifeline, ensuring you navigate the law smoothly and meet every crucial deadline.

The bottom line is securing justice after a car wreck means acting promptly and decisively. Don’t let the Statute of Limitations become a stumbling block on your road to recovery. Seek professional legal advice immediately to protect your rights and champion your cause. Justice waits for you—but it doesn’t wait forever.

8 Ways to Ruin Your Dubuque Car Accident Case

When you’re involved in an automobile collision, it’s crucial to understand not just what you should do, but also what actions can hurt your case. Here are some key missteps that can ruin your car crash claim:

  1. Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Attention:
    After a car crash, seeking immediate medical attention is paramount, even if injuries seem minor at the time. Most importantly, delaying medical care can jeopardize your health. It can also weaken your claim, allowing room for insurance company lawyers to argue that injuries were not severe or were unrelated to the crash.
  2. Not Reporting the Accident to Authorities:
    An official Dubuque police report serves as an objective record of the crash. Failing to report the crash can leave critical aspects of your case open to debate and create unnecessary challenges in proving your case. This is especially important in Dubuque because a police report number can be linked to the city’s street camera system. This means if you have a police report, your lawyer is more likely able to review the crash in high-definition video.
  3. Admitting Fault at the Scene:
    No matter how the incident seems, don’t admit fault at the scene. Your understanding of the collision could be inaccurate, and such statements can heavily influence your case, often against you.
  4. Not Gathering Evidence at the Scene:
    Documentation is key to building a solid case. Failing to collect sufficient evidence, such as photographs—or better yet, video—of the scene, vehicle damage, injuries, or witness contact information can significantly impact the success of your case. If you’re in a crash, don’t be bashful: take photos, ask questions, and keep any paperwork you’re provided.
  5. Posting About the Accident on Social Media:
    We all want people to know what we’re going through, but what you say online can be used against you. Public posts can be misconstrued or twisted to dispute your claim. Just like we’ve heard a thousand times, “anything you say can and will be used against you.” The same is true for posting on social media about your car crash case.
  6. Failing to Follow Through on Medical Advice:
    If you disregard your doctor’s advice, miss appointments, or stop treatment while you’re still hurting, insurance company lawyers will argue your injuries are less severe than what you’ve experienced. Get the treatment you need; it’s your best option medically and legally.
  7. Not Hiring or Delaying Hiring a Car Accident Attorney:
    If you’re like most people, you probably don’t pull your own teeth, cut your own hair, or work on your own car. You probably rely on skilled professionals. The same is true when you’re involved in a crash. Don’t put your case at risk trying to do it yourself or relying on advice from a friend. A skilled car crash lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of a car crash claim and fight for your rights. Attempting to handle the case without professional legal representation can be detrimental to your lawsuit.
  1. Missing Deadlines:
    Legal and insurance deadlines are strict. Missing these can have severe repercussions, potentially including losing your right to pursue your claim. Avoid these missteps to protect your car accident case. It’s vital to seek professional legal counsel as soon as possible following a collision to ensure your claim is effectively managed, and your rights are preserved.

What Sorts of Damages Can I Recover in Dubuque After a Car Accident?

When a car crash disrupts your life, the law is designed to financially restore you to your pre-accident condition by awarding damages.

Economic Damages:

Economic damages are financial losses that are easy to put a number on. Medical expenses are the most discussed economic damages.

You can recover payments for medical care related to the collision. These payments include costs reasonably certain to come up in the future. Even amounts your health insurance covers are reimbursable.

You can also receive lost wages for missed work associated with the crash and your recovery. Additionally, if your ability to earn a living is impacted into the future, you can recover damages for those future losses.

Finally, you can recover the costs to repair or replace your car and any damaged personal belongings.

Non-Economic Damages:

Non-economic damages address intangible impacts. Physical and mental pain and suffering accounts for the physical, mental, and emotional discomfort

you experienced from a car crash. Again, these can be past damages—meaning you’ve already experienced them—or future damages yet to be experienced.

Often a crash impacts our body’s ability to move the way it did before the crash. The law provides a measuring stick for those losses in the form of loss of function damages. This lost function can be either due to a bodily or mental impairment caused by the crash.

Finally, if your injuries affect your relationship with your spouse, they could be eligible to receive compensation for “loss of consortium“.

Punitive Damages:

In cases where the defendant’s conduct was extraordinarily reckless, like drunk driving or street racing, punitive damages may be awarded. An attorney can explain that these are rare situations meant to deter the defendant and others from such egregious conduct in the future.

What’s My Case Worth?

Each case is different, and numerous factors influence a case’s value. It’s critical to work with an experienced car crash attorney who has the knowledge to review your physical injuries, mental injuries, medical records, and takes time to understand how this crash has upended your life to appropriately value your individual case.

Dubuque car crash victims can recover various damages. Navigating these complexities requires a skilled lawyer to ensure a fair settlement. If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, seek professional legal counsel to guide you through the process.

RSH Knows Car Accidents in Dubuque, Iowa:

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident in Dubuque, RSH Legal can help. You can call them at 319-409-6575 for a free consultation. If they determine that they can assist you, you won’t have to pay anything unless they win your case.

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