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How Much of My Social Security Disability Benefits Are Taxable?

If you receive Social Security Disability benefits, you may have heard that you need to pay taxes on these benefits. But is that actually true? Paying Taxes on SSI Benefits Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients rarely have to pay taxes on any benefits they receive. This is because SSI is a needs-based program. Since SSI …

How Your Car Insurance Can Protect You After an Iowa Bike Crash

When out riding your bicycle along Iowa’s streets or bike trails, the last thing you probably think about is car insurance. However, you should be aware that auto insurance might actually cover your damages if you suffer injuries in a bicycle accident. After a bike crash, you may be able to get compensation for the following …


How Does COVID-19 Affect My Disability Accommodations at Work in Iowa?

How Does COVID-19 Affect My Disability Accommodations at Work in Iowa? The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the workplace and caused employers to rethink where and how work is performed. Stay-at-home orders, CDC guidance, and other measures designed to control the spread of the coronavirus have caused employers to adjust their work policies and practices. Does …

Can an Independent Contractor Receive Iowa Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

If you are an Iowa employee that is injured while working, you likely qualify for Iowa workers’ compensation benefits if: You are employed and/or hired in Iowa Injured while working in Iowa; or Regularly work in Iowa. That means the employers of workers that qualify for Iowa’s workers’ compensation system are subject to the laws …


What Are the Odds of Winning an Iowa Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

You may be curious about your odds of winning a medical malpractice claim in Iowa. If you talk to attorneys about these cases, you’ll hear that well over 90% of these cases across the country result in the defense winning. That’s about the same in Iowa as well. While that isn’t our record, you need …


What is the Maximum Amount I Can Receive in Social Security Disability Benefits in 2020?

Nearly every year, the federal government awards a cost of living adjustment (COLA) to Social Security recipients. This adjustment takes into account any inflation that has occurred in the economy. Most of the time, the cost of living adjustment will increase your disability benefit payment, because it increases with inflation. Let’s talk first about whether …


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